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  • joentokyo (220 posts)
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    Logging in?

    If I open a link on the home page, when I return to the home page, I am no longer logged in.

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  • Entrepreneur (1444 posts)
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    1. Me too. I usually have to log in a few times before it sticks. Sometimes it


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  • Manny Goldstein (1681 posts)
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    2. Working on it… unfortunately not a quick fix.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • Enlightenment (716 posts)
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      3. I'll add my name, too.

      Periodic log-outs have been happening for quite awhile, but they have increased to daily – plus the added bit of clicking on the home page (logs out) and, occasionally, the same for clicking on the My JPR page.

      Every once in awhile it will log out when clicking on ‘reply’ – that’s probably the most annoying one. The rest is small potatoes (and overall the issue has probably saved me from a couple of ill-advised posts, so there’s an upside. )

      • Marym625 (15070 posts)
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        4. Me too

        But, as @mannygoldstein said, he’s working on it

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