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    LOL!!–Field Day With Donny Trump Jr.'s NY Times Photo

    “…In Nature There Are Few Sights As Rare As The Giant Red Douchebag Tree..”

    :rofl: :roflmao: :rofl:



    Here are a few more comments on the same NY photo……lol!


    – Donald Trump Jr., seen here in what’s left of America after his father’s first term.


    – Donald Trump Jr. in his Thinkin’ Spot. (Mostly thinkin’ about pudding and Legos.)


    – Donald Trump Jr murdered “The Giving Tree.”


    – how is he so bad at sitting?


    – When you’re sad about men’s rights


    – When dad doesn’t invite everyone to Mar-a-Lago.


    – tfw when you see your friends post pics of a party on instagram but they didn’t invite you because you’re a bigot


    – If Donny Jr. cries in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, did he really cry in the woods? :rofl:


    – Donald Trump Jr. looks like he’s posing for a new cologne called Entitlement.


    – Hillary Clinton: I’m ready to come out of the woods

    Donald Trump, Jr: I will take your place, as there must always be a balance :rofl:



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  • Segami (3385 posts)
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    1. LOL!!!

    “….There Is A Tear In My Merlot…”

    “….Quit Russian Me, I Ain’t Stalin…”


    :rofl: :roflmao: :rofl:

  • NV Wino (2653 posts)
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    2. OMG!


    That is one of the worst photographs I’ve ever seen.

  • Half Century Man (575 posts)
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    3. Extremely clean boots and pants cuff for a walk in the woods.

    Trying to look manly and woodsy, but only made as far as mainly woozy.

  • truly (85 posts)
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    4. Note the photogs keen eye though-

    photographer was wise enough to position Donny “tiny hands” Jr in a way so that the branch almost directly over his head is representative of Bernies continual climb in the ratings. While the branch behind him is a representation of Donny Tiny Hands approval rating- taking a big old dip so profound you could sit on that limb!

  • DJ13 (200 posts)
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    5. I expect him to say

    “you sure got a purdy mouth” at any moment.




    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
  • NJCher (1582 posts)
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    6. According to Donny

    He went to the forest to commune with lumber.


    • 2cannan (1184 posts)
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      8. Before his bulldozers arrive and the clear cutting begins!

  • 2cannan (1184 posts)
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    7. He looks like the guy from Brawny paper towels!

    Do you think he ran into hilary when she was coming out of the woods?