Looking beyond the number of positives.

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      There have been suggestions that the vaccine is not very effective at limiting the number of new Covid infections now that the Delta variant is on the loose. It does seem clear that vaccinated people don’t get as sick as unvaccinated people. This could be significant because the high number of hospitalizations is making emergency medical care difficult to get for those who fall off ladders, go into diabetic shock, or encounter any of a million other health problems that hit people every day. Emergency rooms and critical care facilities are full or close to full. Doctors and nurses are getting seriously burned out. So the vaccination effort is doing some good, although it seems to be falling far short of initial optimistic predictions.

      New study reveals the real risk of the delta variant for unvaccinated people (msn.com)

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      is some simple, straightforward numbersinstead of esoteric math using formulas that are only meaningful to researchers.

      There are a million people. 900,000 are vaccinated, 100,000 are not. There are 1000 people in the icu. 500 are unvaccinated. Of the 500 who are vaccinated 400 are from a group of 100,000 who were vaccinated over 6 months ago. Only 100 were from the  800,000 who were vaccinated less than 6 months ago. Anyone who passed 8th grade can understand what those numbers mean. Instead we get “29.2 times more effective according to a study using the Weasel/Gobbletygook method (and if we don’t like the result round up to the nearest whole number and if it still doesn’t work we’ll say they only used 998,451 people so the test doesn’t count)” and wonder why some people don’t trust “the science.”

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      Being vaccinated does not prevent you from being hospitalized. It is a big scam by the Pharma to ensure that like good little children, you take your medicine and keep quiet.

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      Yes, but you have to look at those 60%: Age, preconditions,

      and other physical health problems. Then you will find that

      this result makes sense. After 70 years of age the immune system

      just goes down and preconditions can have a great effect on it.

      For these kind of people a booster could make a difference.

      The problem with Pharma is the price and its insistence on

      keeping the patents to itself.


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