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      Greg Lapalina

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      Bernice Ta
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      I’m sorry, I gave it a couple of days but it’s just not user friendly to me. Lots of white space and then tiny print (I “scrolled out” to enlarge it, but still lots of blank space), and having to click drop down boxes to move around, and then wait is a pain.

      I guess the old forum site was too expensive, or something, but I’d rather have something like proboards if we can’t have that. Really sorry to even mention it, but there it is.

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        winter is coming
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        Maybe it’s been optimized for people who read JPR on their phones, but it’s not good on a computer:

        The old default font was both larger and heavier, making it easier to read.

        The home page looks like a wall of text, making it hard to see what’s really there.  Reducing the space between lines that wrap and adding a bit of space between topics would help.

        When I select something like General Discussion, there’s so much space between threads that I can only see about four topics at a time.

        I know some people were having a hellacious time of it with posting at JPR 2.0, but people are still having problems over here and the readability of the site has gone way down.  It’s early days yet, but if the current look-and-feel is meant to be permanent, I don’t see myself coming here nearly so often.  It’s that bad an experience, especially since the site is also slower.

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