LOSER Republican (Loves Beto) Gives Dems Political Advice…..LOL!

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      “…These attacks on Beto & others by the Bernie Sanders cultists will only hasten the end of Sanders….”


      “…The GOP strategist who helped John McCain lose two presidential campaigns and then helped John Kasich lose a presidential campaign has now logged on…”

      “…Whenever a lifelong Republican loves a Dem candidate you know that Dem candidate is actually a Republican. Their money is safe with them….”


      “…It’s funny how the Republicans and Democratic critics are saying the same thing. Almost as if they had common interests….”


      “…If neoliberal twitter is freaking out over the scrutiny, its because theyre afraid of it landing. Meanwhile, polling suggests that Betos vote share currently comes mostly from Biden. They’re clueless – which is why they shouldn’t be calling any shots on who the nominee is….”


      “…It’s a great endorsement for any right-wing Democrat that a guy who was a strategist for Bush 41, John McCain and John Kasich comes to their defense, by ignoring the reporting being done (looking at Congressional records is an attack now) and opting to smear Bernie as a response…”


      “…Look at all the Resistance™ geniuses cozying up to the GOPer. The self-owns never stop…”


      “…Beto seems to be the shiny object du jour for folks who think Goldman Sachs has only the best interests of the nation in mind…”


      “…Sirota, you should just write a whole article about Beto not voting for Pelosi as minority leader in 2016 and associating himself w group against Pelosi leadership now…”


      “…A new player has entered the game. New player has been killed….”


      “…Looks like the Clinton cultists are all rushing to agree with him too. Who’d a’ thunk it, eh?…”


      “…nothing says parasitic grifter like GOP strategist who maintains full employment losing elections his tweet is an exhaustive analysis of All Things Beto; i’m impressed his ability to simultaneously lose elections while tweeting anti-Bernie drivel – wow…”



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      That Clintonites and Republicans are the same. They both hate Bernie. They both love billionaire donors.

      (D)? or (R)?


      You can only tell which team you are cheering for by the red or blue jerseys.


      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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      means all of them during my lifetime, speak, we should never believe them without independent verification.

      And you are right, Segami. Whenever Republicans say they are afraid of a Democratic candidate before or during primaries, that means they know they can beat them in the general election. This year, for example, Republican political “experts” like this fool are saying the Democrats’ best choice is Beto O’Rourke or neoliberal Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper.

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