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  • PiedPiper (1106 posts)
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    Lost Bird Project

    Just saw this on a PBS station (check your schedules).

    I was deeply moved and haunted by this film and thought others ought to know about it.


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    "..... Two faces; one for love and another for the DMV".   --  Between The Two, by poet Kenji Liu

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  • Koko (2416 posts)
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    1. Have participate in the Cornell University Bird Feeder Watch Project

    for the past 10 years and our totals in Southeast USA for Bird Migration watch show numbers declining year after year.  This last year was the worst ever.  We’ve always had more Cardinals at our feeders but in the last three years we’ve noticed many with bedraggled feathers and looking weak.

    This year the Cardinals that usually stay year round in our yard near our feeders were absent for the first time since we’ve been participating in the count and doing intensive bird watching.  It’s made me think something is wrong in the environment that is causing this, along with the low bird count for migrating species that have been absent this year.



    • PiedPiper (1106 posts)
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      2. Sadly, Koko, I'm sure what you observed is just the tip of the iceberg.

      I’ve got cardinal families that come back every year.  The last few years the adults seemed to be much smaller.



      "..... Two faces; one for love and another for the DMV".   --  Between The Two, by poet Kenji Liu