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    louisiana senate run off

    there is a little good news in this election (dec 10). i had feared that of the 24 candidates in our jungle primary the run off would be between a rabid conservative congressman and klansman david duke.

    a democrat did, surprisingly, make the run off. buddy caldwell is our public service commissioner, and far from a liberal of any kind, but there is some small hope that he can defeat repub state treasurer john kennedy (do not confuse with the 35th president) who is an almost reasonable fiscal conservative with a folksy manner.

    either way, vitter is gone.

    duke got only 3% of the vote, hopefully chasing him back under his rock forever.



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    1. Diaper Dave is gone!

    Reason enough for celebration. I wish you more good luck.?

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    2. That’s 3% to much…