Luxury car owner wrecks his ultra-rare $750K ride in NYC

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    Click on the embedded link in the first paragraph.  It’s pretty wild.  This guy had to be high on something.

    The co-founder of a luxury car company all but totaled an ultra-rare Gemballa Mirage GT worth about three-quarters of a million bucks during a fender-smashing joyride in Hell’s Kitchen Tuesday, according to police and bewildering video.

    Benjamin Chen, of goldRush Rally — a company that organizes rallies for luxury cars — was behind the wheel of his blue Gemballa Mirage when he started speeding in Hell’s Kitchen around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, sources said.

    Chen was traveling southbound on 11th Avenue when he plowed into a parked car on 47th St. and 11th Ave, police said.

    From there, he drove off and then smashed into at least four other parked cars before he was eventually cuffed on 44th Street and 11th Avenue, police said.

    I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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    This week’s Darwin award is iced.

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    Car parts all over the kitchen — what a mess!

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    They think that since there’s hardly any traffic they can haul ass down the street.

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