M.P.’s Request Meeting with Assange; Left & Right Call for Release

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      If you know anyone who lives in the U.K., please ask them to contact their M.P to urge them to sign onto the letter set out at the link.  The ruling in Assange’s extradition case is due Jan. 4.

      “On Thursday this week a group of British parliamentarians have written to Justice Secretary Robert Buckland asking for a meeting with Julian Assange ahead of the extradition ruling….

      “The request came after a recent meeting with United Nations special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, who made an urgent call to United Kingdom for immediate release of Assange after 10 years of arbitrary detention.

      “’Mr Assange is held in HMP Belmarsh only on remand, awaiting the extradition hearing and not for any violations of UK law,’ the letter says. …

      [Even!] “The Guardian followed up with an editorial piece last night opposing the extradition: ‘The US should never have brought the case against the WikiLeaks founder. This attack on press freedom must be rejected.'”

      More including the full text of the letter at https://mailchi.mp/dontextraditeassange/mps-written-to-justice-secretary-asking-for-meeting-with-assange?e=cf03cab6a7 .

      In related news, voices from the right and the left are uniting in calling for extradition to be refused. Click on the link for a sampling of tweets, then click on the image for a legible view:

      You can find the raw, unedited audio tweeted by Snowden of the over one-hour long Assange phone call warning the @StateDept (again) of publication risks and requesting them to aid in harm minimization at https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1339282943685038085 ; and remember that it was through the recklessness of the Guardian’s journalists that the unredacted US State Dept. were originally released!

      Please share any of this that you think might be helpful!

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