Malaysia Blames Goldman Sachs for Stolen Billions

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      Accused of helping to carry out an international multibillion-dollar fraud, Goldman Sachs has tried to pin the blame on a few rogue bankers.

      It is an argument that the government of Malaysia, where the fraud was carried out, is not buying.

      “We have suffered extremely large losses and you were the financial adviser,” said Lim Guan Eng, the finance minister of Malaysia, referring to Goldman Sachs.

      “Now how do you account for that? And don’t tell me you don’t know where the money went,” Mr. Lim said in an interview in Hong Kong on Monday. “Goldman Sachs needs to come to terms with the facts.”


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      The next time a Goldman Sachs executive shows up in Malaysia, they should cane him in public. That would be fun.

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      My thoughts!  They’re being broadcast!


      I imagined Lloyd being caned.

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      Where is Obama when you need to bomb someone to protect banksters? Perhaps too busy planning Michelle 2024

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