Man Accidentally Burns Down Own Home with Fireworks

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      I don’t know the stats of people burning down their own houses with fireworks, but I’m pretty sure it’s way more than one a year. Stupidity grows like weeds.

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      He wasn’t even trying to get a safe distance from the house!  What a moron. Actually in NYC, it might be impossible to get far enough away.



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      Red Cloud
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      house looks ready for Halloween.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      portends awfulness of the 4th, because these idiots are setting them off and sparks are landing on other persons property… and that’s near the park. I will have to assume a deputy status if I see ANYONE in my neighborhood during one of the biggest dry hot spells we’ve seen in a long time.


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      Once watching someone set off fireworks under their eves. The stuff shooting out was hitting the bottom and bouncing back onto the driveway. Was amazed it didn’t set the underside of the roof on fire. Couldn’t believe the stupidity at the time.

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      the debris falls…..It’s all noise.  And while (sadly) I no longer have dogs, I can think what it must be like for people who have dogs, my cat and my birds……

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