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    Did you take away the avatars and the photos?


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  • MannyGoldstein (2071 posts)
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    1. Not that I know of.

    And I’m reasonably sober.

    I’m seeing both, either logged in or not. I take it you’re not? Have you tried restarting browser, computr, etc.?

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    • NV Wino (3223 posts)
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      4. I'm on the iPad this morning

      just restarted browser and it didn’t make any difference. I thought it might be the hospital (my volunteer day), but I can get into Flickr. They do block Photobucket but not Flickr. :shrug:

  • Ferd Berfel (3927 posts)
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    2. I'm getting Both here

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    3. I see both

    But they seem to be the very last thing to load when going to a thread.

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