"Many people" want to know who Richard Ketay is.

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    That’s the question everyone is left asking tonight, after Donald Trump tweeted a lengthy quote that sounded exactly like something Donald Trump would say, and then attributed it to a person no one has ever heard of – and we’re not even sure if the person really exists.

    It’s not clear if “Richard Ketay” is such a grotesque misspelling of a political pundit’s name that no one can figure out what name Trump was trying to say, or if Trump is quoting some random person who has zero political profile (not even a Twitter account), or if Trump simply made up the quote and attributed it to a fake person. Richard Ketay, if you’re listening, please let us know who you are.


    Don, the Electoral College is in the Constitution so indeed you won a ‘fair election’. (Our electoral system is not ‘fair’ but your win was as ‘fair’ as any.) Your win was not a ‘coup’.

    Guess what else is in the Constitution? Something called impeachment. 

    National problems (slavery/racism, income inequality, pathetic health care, weak unions) are not solved with more states' rights. Global problems (climate change, migration, trade, war) are not solved with more national sovereignty.

    A CEO, an American worker and an immigrant sit at a table with a dozen cookies in front of them. The CEO grabs 11 of them, then leans over and warns the worker, "Watch out for the immigrant. He is trying to get your cookie."

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    Probably tried to spell ‘cofefe’.

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    He appears to be some dude in Newark who wrote a letter to the New York Post. If that’s his real name.

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    Maybe he’s trying to learn Pig Latin…

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