Maricopa County “vote count” even worse than expected.

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      I used to work as an election official, so I find this thing particularly ghastly. The ballots from the 2020 election have been turned over to a bunch of nut jobs. The ballots have not been kept secure, and have been subjected to who-knows-what. It’s quite possible, even likely, that ballots have been altered and votes changed. If there is any kind of legal challenge to the 2020 election, the Maricopa County ballots are no good as evidence because there is no assurance tampering was not done. In fact, it’s likely tampering was done, considering some of the people handling the ballots are looking for traces of bamboo fibers as proof that bogus ballots were flown in from Asia. It’s incomprehensible that this would occur in a modern, industrialized nation. This is banana republic activity.

      Arizona Review of 2020 Vote Is Riddled With Flaws, Says Secretary of State (


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      Than these crazies. Very dangerous ones at that.

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