Marijuana Legalization Passes New Mexico House

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    Snort McDork
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    SANTA FE – New Mexico lawmakers late Thursday pushed the state closer than ever toward legalizing recreational marijuana for adults.

    In a late-night debate on the House floor, Democratic Rep. Javier Martinez of Albuquerque unveiled legislation crafted after bipartisan, bicameral talks involving House Democrats and Senate Republicans.
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    <div id=”google_ads_iframe_/3828090/sidebar-top_1__container__”>The state House passed the bill 36-34 – the first recreational marijuana proposal ever passed by one of New Mexico’s legislative chambers. No Republican voted for the bill.</div>
    Martinez, a co-sponsor of the legislation, House Bill 356, said the vote was a “watershed” moment in the movement to legalize cannabis in New Mexico.


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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    but no raise in the minimum wage.  which is $7.50 per hour, or the munificent sum of $15.6K/year before taxes.

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    Land of Enchantment
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    Hey, it looks like we may just leave Mississippi in the dust on this! I can’t click on the Zazi Times (ABQ Journal) but heard on the local news New Mexicans can have up to one ounce per person but NO growing your own. Thank you, NM Republicans for making the new law somewhat absurd as per usual.

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      Still better than what we get down here in the South (Georgia) where the demon weed is still a ticket to prison, especially if you are a POC.

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      Jan Boehmermann
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      The GOP stupid states are coming around to legalization of cannabis….BUT… they always figure out  how to put the money from that legalization into their big donors pockets!

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    The Republicans seem to have no idea how many good old boys (and good old girls) smoke cannabis. The only real obstacle in the southern states is the screaming bible thumper constituency. Their attitude toward cannabis is the same as their attitude toward alcohol. They consume it themselves, but claim they don’t, and everybody else should take the same approach. In fact, this is the way they approach everything sinful: gambling, prostitution, homosexuality, child abuse, pornography, wearing different fabrics, etc.

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    Snort McDork
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    Maybe N2DOC should consider moving to the Southwest (like New Mexico). There are saner minds here would you believe. Plus the scenery is nicer

    I just wish we wern’t stuck between the 2 crazy states: Arizona and Texas. There is no common sense in Texas-unless you’re in Austin.

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