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      I’ve seen some news stories lately saying everyone should be wearing n95 masks now. Is this just a scam to sell more masks? I’ve been using a double layer cloth one that fits well. What is everyone else using?

      It’s time to refresh your mask supply (


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      Quick trips with not many people I use a paper mask. Grocery store and other places with more people I have a couple of cloth washable masks with additional filter inserts I use, which are also great for smoke. Mostly, I’m not around people so masks are a moot point most of the time.

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      I haven’t heard that, and the Oregon governor just put the mask mandate back in place, effective Friday.

      I’ve seen 0 discussion of what masks are recommended and why.

      Too many flip-flops and I really hesitate to believe any statement from anyone as fact.

      I looked at Turkish Airlines as the carrier I was on recently – it says

      Wearing a mask, covering your mouth and nose during the flight is mandatory. You can use a surgical mask. Masks with one-way valves or vents are not allowed. As single use masks have to be changed every 4 hours, if you are using one, you should keep sufficient number of masks at hand. Used masks should be put into personal waste bag without touching the front surface of the mask.

      So if there are newer recommendations, it hasn’t made it to a major international carrier.

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      –and other such chores.  Hubby picked some up and we use them at all  indoor venues.  I’m in three major rick groups, so I’m more paranoid than average.

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      oops, I just noticed I put this in the wrong forum, meant it to go in Covid forum.

      Can a mod move it please?



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      A cloth mask will not stop the more transmissable D and Lambda variants.

      (My wife & I both are 30 yr nurses)


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      Therefore if masks work for the COVID-19 virus, they will work just as well for any variants.

      If more people wore masks when out in public, that alone would go a long way toward getting this pandemic under control.

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      Always wear a proper mask when out and about. The life you save could be both yours and mine.

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