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      It is justifiable to nag this guy out of office, if that’s what works. He always seems so smug, so oblivious, and so heartless.

      Yet, when confronted by the public crowds he is supposed to be serving, he seems surprised. His eyes indicate that he would beg for mercy, like the Emperor on Star Wars. Yet, nobody is fooled with this one. Heartless are his actions always.

      “Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls;...what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless;..." Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila.Excerpt From: Yogananda, Paramahansa. “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Viewing 1 reply thread
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