Max Blumenthal Says He Is A "Cynical Salesperson Posing As Journalist". He Is Right.

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      In July 2017 we took on three “cynical salespersons” in the ‘progressive’ media who took part in a “disinformation campaign aimed at convincing Americans to support decapitating another Middle Eastern government and let Al Qaeda and co. fill the void.” Those three “cynical salespeople” were then and still are “posing as journalists”.

      Five years after the war on Syria began those three “cynical salespersons”, who had consistently propagandized for more war on Syria, turned around and started to write in favor of the Syrian government side while either forgetting to mention or even hiding their earlier position.

      From our 2017 piece Syria – The Alternet Grayzone Of Smug Turncoats – Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek:

      Max Blumenthal is a well connected and known author who has done work on the Palestinian cause from a somewhat leftish perspective. He is also an arrogant and ignorant showman.

      Blumenthal currently edits the Alternet Grayzone project. In their recent writings he and his co-writers profess to dislike the al-Qaeda led opposition in Syria. Yet it is exactly the same opposition they earlier vehemently supported.

      Yesterday the Real News Network interviewed Blumenthal on his recent piece about CNN‘s al-Qaeda promotion. The headline: Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria. During the interview Blumenthal laments the failure of progressive media on Syria:

      Blumenthal is outraged, OUTRAGED, that “progressive” media peddle the Syria conflict along “the official line”.

      Yet in 2012 Max Blumenthal resigned as columnist from the Lebanese paper Al Akhbar English because the paper did not write along “the official line”. He publicly (also here) smeared and accused his Al Akhbar colleagues for taking a cautious or even anti-opposition position on Syria.

      The Al Akhbar writers challenged the mainstream narratives while Blumenthal, with his resignation and his writing about it, solidly aligned with the imperial project. Back then he himself went along “the official line”.

      Now Max Blumenthal has found an outlet that pays him for writing along the very line he condemned when he resigned from Al Akhbar. Nowhere do I find an explanation by Blumenthal for his change of position. No public apology for smearing his former colleagues has been issued by him.

      From March 2011 to mid 2016 Max Blumenthal and his sidekicks Ben Norton and Raina Khalek were rabidly ‘pro-rebel’. They were vehemently attacking everyone who had a different view. After five long years of cheering on Al Qaeda and consorts, who were all along killing Syrian people left and right, they turned their coats and started to write in favor of the Syrian government side of the war.

      To hide their ‘change of opinion’ they deleted their old tweets and articles. Only after we and others continued to point out their dishonesty  did they publish a podcast to deliver a muddled Mea Culpa. That was in May 2018, two years after the three had changed their direction by 180°. Just like Max’s old tweets and writings that podcast has since been deleted. But partial transcripts others made still exist. They are linked in The Turncoats Deliver A Poor Excuse – by Daniel, who listened to, quoted and commented on the podcast:


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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I just delved through that jigsaw puzzle of Blumenthal quotes from 2017 and can’t figure out why your narrative stopped over what The Grayzone is currently reporting on Syria and Palestinians, and the MSM in general.

      I consider The Grayzone to be right up there with the best of them, Stockholmer… not sure what you think at all, but it’s your thread.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      If what Blumenthal writes is, in my opinion, wrong or misguided then I will say so.

      If what Blumenthal writes is, in my opinion, correct or insightful then I will say so.

      It’s possible for someone to be wrong on several issues while being right on several others.  Being wrong at some time in the past does not automatically make one wrong every time in the future.

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      The Grayzone, and journalists there, have become a favorite place to go, for me.  Especially Push-Back with Aaron Mate.  I don’t find these guys to be arrogant.???

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      The Grayzone is probably the best Independent Progressive News source out there and I, for one, appreciate everything they do.

      Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Anya Parampil and Aaron Maté are some of the best journalists we have. We’re lucky to have them as part of our Progressive movement. They’re four of very few journalists who report the truth, backed up with facts and proof. They actually travel to Venezuela, Honduras, Syria, and are going to Bolivia. On the ground reporting. Interviews with leaders of countries overthrown by the US MIC. Interviews with citizens.

      Their Venezuelan reporting was OUTSTANDING. While our corrupt Government was feeding us a pack of lies about the Venezuelan people being starved to death by Maduro, Max was at Government subsidized open air  markets that were packed with food and sundry items. He was also in Venezuelan grocery stores where the shelves were packed. The contrast between the fucking propaganda we were being fed to what the truth really was, was stark.

      They are a team of journalists to be reckoned with. They are what REAL journalists are supposed to be.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Personally, I’ve always thought Moon of Alabama was orbiting Uranus or something. This piece just solidifies that opinion.

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      Many people, including many progressives, initially got Libya and Syria wrong. We learn from our mistakes and the process never ends.


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