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      Regrettably, I don’t think we’ll see progressive change from the top down.  We had two great chances with Bernie in 2016 and 2020, but both hit hard with the corporate media (thank you Bill Clinton for removing limits on media ownership), corporations who profit from the endless wars, the DNC and the voters themselves who don’t realize they are voting against their best interests.

      But I am starting to see a change from the bottom up, with young progressive candidates and elected officials like AOC.  It’s also possible that the COVID-19 virus pandemic is pointing out that we need a healthcare system available to all and restoring our safety nets and support for citizens first.

      I don’t see this as a quick change; policy changes tend to swing in 40 year cycles or so, but we may finally be seeing that change start.  It will take generational change, but I think I am starting to see it in the last couple of years.

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      ..but Bernie always said it was not just about him, it’s about the issues and building the movement. He has had some success with that. Supporters of Medicare for all and the Green New Deal aren’t going to give up.



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      Sagar on Rising said something that intrigued me awhile back. He said conservatives say Goldwater lost in 1964, but won in 1980 with Reagan.  So Bernie may lose in 2020, but may win in 2036 when all these young progressives talk the helm.  If we can wait that long.

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        I firmly agree with you….

        So Bernie may lose in 2020, but may win in 2036 when all these young progressives talk the helm.

        They are so power-hungry that it will take until 2036 for progressives to edge them out. They refuse to leave, thus I guess they’ll just have to die off.

        However, if corona thing goes on for years, we are looking at an entirely new political landscape.

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      And expect it to if the US is to become a civilized country.  But I do expect it will take a change of those at the top, and 2036 seems a good guess.  Hmm – AOC will turn 35 in 2024, but unless COVID-19 results in a massive change in policies, there will still be fights from those in power.

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