Mayor Pete Supposedly Surging in Iowa

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    He’s peeling off the failing Biden’s votes.  If he finishes in the top 3 in Iowa, Biden’s campaign will be all but over.

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    Suffolk. Mostly landline poll, so people under 50 are barely sampled. That’s why Bernie is only at 9%. Almost 30% undecided, though, even so, and Biden is clearly slipping. It is probable that Iowa will be his death knell, and Bernie can still win.

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    He’s clearly become the fallback choice of the Vichy Dems. Just another”You can’t have meaningful change and we can’t afford anything but Guns and War” candidate.

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    Norman Soloman: Pete Buttigieg Is a Sharp Corporate Tool

    A not-funny thing has happened to Buttigieg on the campaign trail. As he kept collecting big checks from corporate executives and wealthy donors, he went from being “all for” a single-payer Medicare for All system in January to trashing it in the debate last week as a plan that would kick “150 million Americans off of their insurance in four short years.” The demagoguery won praise from corporate media outlets.

    Those outlets have often lauded Buttigieg for his fundraising totals this year without scrutiny of the funding sources. They skew toward the wealthy — and toward donors with a vested interest in protecting the status quo.

    “Of course, from a voter’s point of view, what really matters is not how much financial support a candidate is getting, but who they’re getting it from — because those supporters may not have the same interests as the voter,” Jim Naureckas at the media watchdog FAIR pointed out this summer. “In the case of Buttigieg, the two main sources of funds seem to be the tech industry … and the financial industry, that traditional source of funds for corporate-oriented Democrats.”

    So far this year, Buttigieg has reported $27 million in contributions of $200 and above — accounting for 52.5 percent of his total dollars raised. Compare that to Elizabeth Warren at 29.6 percent and Bernie Sanders at 24.9 percent.

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