McConnell Blocks Bill to Reopen Most of Government.

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      Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked legislation on Thursday that would have reopened most of the federal government impacted by the partial shutdown.

      Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) tried to get consent to take up a House-passed bill that would reopen all agencies except the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is at the center of the shutdown fight. But McConnell objected.

      This marks the third time that McConnell has blocked House-passed government funding bills in the past two weeks. Under Senate rules, any senator can ask for consent to vote on or pass a bill, but any senator can object. 

      The Senate passed a stopgap bill late last year by a voice vote, but it was rejected by the White House because it didn’t include extra border money.”


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      The wall was a bad idea for two years when we had total Republican control. Now it’s so important we must shut down the government to have it.

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      That last sentence needs a correction: The Senate passed a stopgap bill late last year by a voice vote, and White House sources said that Trump would sign it, which is why the Turtle allowed the voice vote in the first place. Then Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter cried about no wall funding, and Trump changed his mind.


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      Time to remove the turtle.

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      Snort McDork
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      Time to occupy his office. Then primary him in 2020. But this is basically what the turtle is doing to all of us:


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      The primary goal of Republicans is to so cripple Federal agencies that the remaining jobs will be outsourced to private contractors.

      This is a win-win for their ideology because they reduce government and then profit from the privatized service.

      In the end, the wall will be seen as the excuse needed to start the privatization process.

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      Hey, Mitch – go ahead and make your reservation now:

      Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, Hawaii

      8.8 star reviews, rooms from $254


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      The GOP will pay for this grandstanding bullsh1t. People are trying to find ways to make money and still serve the government. Idiots that want the FDA/EPA closed down are all in charge now and you can bet this shutdown will drag on.

      The GOP is as crooked as the day is long. Nothing ever changes with them they lie, cheat and steal and won’t even acknowledge when they get caught! No shame gene detected.

      Turtleman knows he is in a safe district and won’t be up for election soon. He knows Trump is enough of an outlier to cause untold havoc on the government – something Mitch probably enjoys. His Chinese connections probably love it too.


      Forcing people to work without pay is akin to slavery.

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