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      Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Amy McGrath participate in a televised debate. Gray Television and the University of Kentucky sponsor the event



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      “I love Trump more than you do!”

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      ..since my husband is a native Kentuckian and I used to spend a lot of time  there with him.

      We both watched.Neither one said much of anything and I wouldn’t vote for either one for dogcatcher if I were still living in Kentucky,but there were some minuscule differences,mostly in approach.

      Bitch was horribly condescending to her.He laughed at her,basically,every time she made a comment or a rebuttal,and the rest of the time the Turtle seemed to be dozing on a flat rock.He repeated himself a lot.

      McGraft didn’t have anything concrete to say either,she just brought up that she had been a fighter pilot every three words.She did appear to have some passion though,however much that may mean.She wasn’t just phoning it in like he was.

      Bitch emphasized the respect issue,the fact of him being majority leader meaning that Kentucky was on the national stage and not thought of as hillbillies.Maybe that will carry some weight,who knows.

      Neither did great,and neither would be worth a vote.

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