Measles Vaccinations Spike 500% After Outbreak Hits Anti-vaxxer ‘Hotspot’. (WARNING-GRAPHIC PHOTO.)

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      NOTE: Infants cannot be vaccinated until they reach one year of age and should receive a second dose between the ages of 4 and 6.  This vaccine this provides protection against three diseases: measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Another vaccine is also available, the MMRV (the V is for Varicella or Chicken Pox). The measles virus can linger in the air for over two hours.

      Measles vaccinations spike 500% after outbreak hits anti-vaxxer ‘hotspot’

      “Measles is a highly contagious disease and if you don’t have immunity, you can get it just by being in a room where a person with measles has been,” Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer for Public Health in King County, said in a release.

      It hasn’t even been a month since the state of Washington declared a public-health emergency over a measles outbreak, and health officials are reporting a dramatic spike in vaccinations.

      During the first week of January, only 117 vaccines containing measles were administered to children under 18 years old in Clark County. But by the last week of January, more than 1,000 vaccines were administered.

      For adults, the spike is even more dramatic: only 17 vaccines were administered during the first week of January, but during the fourth week in 2018, that number grew to 40 times the previous average — over 800 vaccines were administered.

      This was widely circulated on Reddit and FB—



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      yeah but they’ve heard all that before a dozen times: just get the word out it’s homeopathic–that’s where Hahmenann got the idea from in the first place

      you don’t need to be the Bene Gesserit to implant ideas that match local worldviews

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