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  • spud demon (1182 posts)
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    Media: Minneapolis police officer fatally shoots bride-to-be under mysterious

    Sensationalism.  Did the officer shoot his own fiancee?  No.  She happened to be engaged, which gave WaPo the opportunity for this sensationalist headline.  She was also the 911 caller, which is much more relevant.

    Near the bottom, they quote anonymous sources from another newspaper who indicates the passenger officer shot through the driver’s door while the woman was standing there.

    Three people “with knowledge of the incident” told the Star Tribune that the responding officers pulled into the alley behind Damond’s home. The woman, wearing pajamas, approached the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver, reported the Star Tribune. The officer in the passenger seat shot Damond through the driver’s side door, the three people told the newspaper.


    It was probably accidental.  Back in the 1990s there was a suspected bookie killed by county police here.  The police were sneaking up on him behind his townhouse, and one of them who had his gun drawn tightened his grip a little too much, shooting the suspect before he even knew police were present.

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13 replies
  • bemildred (7322 posts)
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    1. This is why I will never call the cops.

    The odds of them making it worse exceed the odds of them doing anything useful.

    It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
  • HIP56948 (3754 posts)
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    2. My question would be: You're sitting in the passenger seat and you have…

    …your weapon pointing in the direction of your fellow Officer and a Lady in a robe.  Where in THE HELL did you learn THAT procedure??

  • Johnny Rash (1552 posts)
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    3. Any infos on the officers………maybe it would help understand what happened?

    Not a word about it on MSM – go figure!

    • spud demon (1182 posts)
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      6. BBC published the shooting officer's name


      The officer in the passenger seat, identified by local media as Mohamed Noor, reportedly drew his gun and shot Ms Damond through the driver’s window, the newspaper reported.


      Noor joined the department in March 2015 as the first Somali police officer to patrol the 5th Precinct in southwest Minneapolis, according to a city newsletter. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College.

      Before joining the department, he worked in property management in commercial and residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Louis, Mo. According to the Office of Police Conduct Review, Noor has had three complaints filed against him—two of which remain open. Another was closed without discipline.

      Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that he would decide himself whether Noor is charged in the shooting rather than use a grand jury. He said he believes Noor’s body camera should have been running at the time of the shooting.  “I do understand this, they were driving down an alley, the victim approached the car. That’s not necessarily a time you must, but frankly I think it’s a time you should.”

      Noor has been sued once in his short career with the police department, stemming from a May 25, 2017 incident, in which he and two other officers came to a woman’s home and took her to the hospital, which the woman alleges constituted false imprisonment, assault and battery. According to the recently filed and ongoing lawsuit, the officers claimed they had reason to believe the woman was suffering a mental health crisis — which she denied — and Noor “grabbed her right wrist and upper arm,” exacerbating a previous shoulder injury in the process.

      Somalia, wonderful.  Fire up the Trump Travel Ban Spin Machine.

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      • Johnny Rash (1552 posts)
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        8. Thanks for the LINKS!

        Still, I am not sure what to make out of it … 

  • TRex (4237 posts)
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    5. This is a strange murder story, the cop could have killed the other cop driving.

    Sounds to me like the passenger cop was removing their firearm from the holster when it went off and through the door of the driver.

    Still, involuntary manslaughter is a crime.

    Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
  • tripleQ (796 posts)
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    7. Accidents happen

    This one was tragic.

    She had called in a possible rape in the alley outside her home.  So the cops would not have been looking for a female perp.

    She wasn’t a “scary black male” and she probably didn’t confront the cops or put her hand in her pocket threateningly or otherwise give them reason to fear she meant to shoot first.

    So “tragic accident” (a cop panicked and shot at a shape he couldn’t see,, or a shot was aimed elsewhere and bounced off concrete to kill her) seems most likely, doesn’t it?

    Rather like the tragic accident  Venus Williams caused….  Except Williams wasn’t on edge; she wasn’t called to a potentially dangerous crime scene and  charged with looking for a rapist.  So while I am sorry for Williams’s guilt, I am even sorrier for the cops who did this.  If it were me, I’d be suicidal.  .


    • spud demon (1182 posts)
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      9. They aren't blaming Venus anymore.

      The latest police statement says the light was green when she entered the intersection, she was forced to stop because somebody turned left in front of her, and she was trying to clear the intersection when the third car hit her.

      Back to the shooting — it’s true that it isn’t a BLM issue per se.  The victim was a pretty blonde white woman.  It was probably an accident, but it’s still police irresponsibility.  It happens regularly.  I mentioned the dead bookie from 20 years ago earlier in the thread.  10 years ago there was a ride-along who had a gun and a taser.  He was helping the real police subdue a suspect.  He dutifully yelled “Taser, taser, taser” and fired at the suspect.  The only problem was that he had drawn his gun instead of his taser.

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      • tripleQ (796 posts)
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        12. True

        My position is, that accidents happen.  No one is perfect at their job.

        When a secretary makes a mistake, it’s a typo or a missed meeting and no one dies.

        When a CEO makes a mistake, maybe the company sinks and people lose their jobs in a layoff, or stocks take a dive.

        When doctors, cops, or soldiers make a mistake, people die.  I have a soft spot for soldiers and cops because they are putting their own lives on the line…. to protect me and mine.

        When politicians make mistakes, millions die in senseless wars.

        No profession will ever be mistake-free.

    • DoctorJ (653 posts)
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      10. I feel sorrier for the family of the innocent woman than the police

      Unlike philando Castille, this woman was not a habitual criminal, and was not warned five times by the officer before she was murdered.   There also won’t be multimillion dollar lawsuits or weeks of analysis on cable news.

      Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it. - Michael Parenti
      • tripleQ (796 posts)
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        11. You are right – of course

        I always feel more fearful of accidentally killing someone, than being a victim killed by another… so I tend to put myself in the accidental-killer’s shoes.  It’s a fucking tragedy for the woman and everyone who loved her.



  • beemerphill (248 posts)
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    13. Senseless !!

    Like all of these cases, we will not know what rally happened for some time. And then, it may or may not be accurate. However, there were TWO body cams that were not turned on, and one car cam that wasn’t turned on. This is completely unacceptable. That alone will cause everyone to assume that the cops are hiding something. And, if the initial reports are true, a passenger cop shooting the victim out of the driver window makes no sense whatsoever. Like Ricky used to say, “You got some splaining to do.” Cops now days are taught to be much quicker to respond with deadly force that those from past generations. This is necessary because of the violent environment that they sometimes find themselves in. Some parts of town and some streets are MUCH more violent than they were when we grew up. The criminals are more likely to use firearms, and use them quickly. This requires the police to be more alert, and not hesitate when they feel threatened. In this case I am thinking that the shooting cop really messed up. He was either negligent handling his firearm, or he was wound up way too tight, and snapped at the wrong time. We can only wait and see if his superiors conduct a fair investigation, or if they try to protect “one of their own”.  This woman should not be dead, and that cop should not have a badge, a gun, or color of law.