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    Media: More than ever, South Koreans want their own nuclear weapons

    According to the Washington Post, polls show 60% or more of South Koreans want U.S. nukes back on their soil.  The media are beating the war drums for SK to join the arms race.  Their current president was elected on a platform which included the opposite — a nuke-free Korea.


    Still, 60 percent of South Koreans in theory support nuclear weapons for the country, according to Gallup Korea. A poll by YTN, a cable news channel, in August found 68 percent of respondents supported redeploying tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea.

    After South Korea’s defense minister said earlier this month that it was worth reviewing a redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons, other administration officials have distanced the Blue House — South Korea’s executive mansion — from the proposal. Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said this week that South Korea is not considering the option and has not discussed it with Washington, but she acknowledged that public opinion on the issue is shifting to support the option.

    This reactive opinion pushed by the media falls right in line with Trump’s plan to proliferate nukes to our allies.

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