Medicare for All Would Help End Racial Disparities in the South

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      Our economic health depends upon our physical health. This is not a red issue or a blue issue, it’s a red white and blue issue. The future of the U.S. is depending on universal health care.

      That’s why the New Orleans and Knoxville City Councils joined cities and towns across the country in passing resolutions recently in support of Medicare for All. These resolutions send a powerful signal to Congress that our cities stand with the majority of Americans who demand guaranteed health care.

      Medicare for All would cover every American, regardless of their race, income, or where they live. By partnering with the Medicare program to develop budgets, hospitals would be paid based on the health needs of their community, instead of on the ability to pay of the populations they serve, ensuring that vital hospitals near vulnerable populations won’t be improperly forced to close. Special reserves would be set aside for unanticipated public health crises, like the pandemic we are currently living through.

      Medicare for All would not end racism in our health care system, but it is a necessary first step to address the racial health disparities that plague the South and our entire country.

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      Hi eridani,

      It is beyond question that the benefits of M4All outweigh the costs.  Yet, we know with metaphysical certainty that neither political party will support enacting M4All.  So what’s the point?  Is fare like this supposed to move recalcitrant voters towards Biden/Harris?  Fat lot of good that will do since Biden has publicly stated he will not support M4All under any circumstances.  When the democratic party killed Bernie’s presidential campaigns in both 2016 and 2020, M4All became just another pipe dream.  Time we move on and become capitalists like the Tillis senatorial aid from North Carolina just conveyed to a constituent.  If one wants health care in America, best to figure how to pay for it on your own.  Otherwise you die as former Florida representative Alan Grayson opined in 2009.


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