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  • N2Doc (5283 posts)
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    Meet the Bernie-loving Marine who might bring down GOP firebrand Darrell Issa

    In 2000, Darrell Issa was first elected to Congress by more than 30 points. When his district was redrawn in 2012, Issa won by “only” 16 points. But this year, for the first time, the Republican who represents California’s 49th Congressional District faces a real challenge, and could well go down to defeat. In the open primary this year, Democrat Doug Applegate, a retired Marine colonel — the first in his family to attend college — came within five points of Issa, and he’s been gaining steam ever since.

    After a late September poll showed Applegate leading Issa 46-42, the race was highlighted nationally when President Obama called Issa “Trump before Trump,” holding him up as a prime example of how dysfunctional and dishonest the House GOP has become. This after Issa produced an especially mendacious campaign mailer portraying himself as Obama’s bipartisan partner.

    “Darrell Issa, a member of Congress who once called for my impeachment, who questioned where I was born, is now advertising, claiming we worked together. We can’t let this stand,” Obama said, going on to endorse Applegate as an “exceptional candidate” whose Marine Corps background makes clear that he knows “true patriotism is about serving our country in any way we can. That our duty as citizens is to keep America strong and working for all of us.”

    Those aren’t just lofty words, however. What’s apparent on the ground is a remarkable illustration of a new book I wrote about recently, “Asymmetric Politics,” by political scientists Matt Grossmann and David Hopkins. They make clear that the two parties are essentially different: The Democratic Party is focused on producing concrete solutions for citizens, whereas the Republican Party is obsessed with conservative ideological purity.





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  • OzoneTom (858 posts)
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    1. "Bernie-loving"

    … so does that mean that DCCC is actively supporting Issa?

    Pleased to have matching hands and feet.
  • NV Wino (5919 posts)
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    2. Oh please, oh please, oh please!

    Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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    3. I used to live in Darryl Issa's district…

    formerly represented by the now jailed Randy Cunningham.  Issa is as sleezy as they come.  He financed the recall of DEM Gov. Gray Davis for Karl Rove who then double crossed Issa and installed Aaaanold.  He’s a former used car salesman, accused of several crimes – settled with a plea bargains.

    His district was gerrmandered to include So. Orange County (think Nixon’s compound in San Clemente) and No. San Diego County (huge military presence).

    Living to see Issa get booted from office would be a thrill.  Seeing the vile Randy Cunningham (and his horrible wife who was the principal of my son’s grammar school) lose everything was a gift.

    I’m old and I have a longer memory than the 20 second news cycle.


    Critical thinking is the vaccine for charlatans of the world who exploit ignorance - JPR's own So Far From Heaven.

    • 2bAnon (4163 posts)
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      6. i just lost a post I wrote in response.. jpr buggy thingy

      won’t rewrite it but I completely concur with your post.  Remember the car theft ring?  and his business he torched for insurance money?



      • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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        7. Oh Yes I do remember. He and Randy Cunningham are a sleezy as they come

        Cunningham was greedy & corrupt to the bone and convicted of taking bribes.  Hoefully he’s still rotting in jail.  I particularly loathe his wife.

        How the hell Issa got to the halls of Congress is beyond me.   He and his money were convenient for Karl Rove but Rove double crossed Issa.  No honor among thieves.

        Critical thinking is the vaccine for charlatans of the world who exploit ignorance - JPR's own So Far From Heaven.

        • 2bAnon (4163 posts)
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          8. Rove double crossed Issa? Pray Tell!

          little bit I missed over the years..



          • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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            9. Karl Rove and Darryl Issa

            Karl Rove got Issa to bankroll the recall of then Dem. Gov Gray Davis.  Davis was decent guy but as boring as his name.  The time frame is just before the collapse of Enron when Enron was gouging CA for energy on the grid.  Rove promised Issa the Governorship if he funded the recall.    Rove double crossed Issa and put ran Aaaanold in as Gov (remember this was the heady days of Bush II and Rove promising a permanent GOP majority).  As a consolation, Rove helped Issa get elected to Congress with the promise of a committee chairmanship or something.

            Randy Cunningham proposed and passed draconian anti-drug laws.  Then his son got caught dealing in – I think it was herion – and Cunningham had the gall to literally sob and blubber on the stand that his son was really a good boy.  (GAG).     He subsequently got caught taking bribes from defense contractors and I hope he’s still rotting in jail.    K

            Critical thinking is the vaccine for charlatans of the world who exploit ignorance - JPR's own So Far From Heaven.

            • 2bAnon (4163 posts)
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              10. I wasn't aware of that bit

              I knew Rove was behind the recall, but didn’t know he had Issa bankroll it.

              oh the memories of that nightmare.



            • Peace Patriot (3128 posts)
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              13. Thank you for the info on the 2003 recall – the weirdest election ever,

              with 125 candidates on the ballot, brand new Diebold machines everywhere, as California joined the nation in destroying its vote counting system, and a new Democratic Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley, who had just been elected (pre-Diebold) and soon grew suspicious of the new voting systems.

              It was a seminal moment for me, as a native Californian and political activist since age 16 (volunteered for JFK, I did, and the first Gov. Brown).  It was the moment that I fully realized that SOMETHING WAS WRONG.  I think it was also that strange recall that prompted Kevin Shelley to go after Diebold – he was preparing to sue them.  You see, with 125 candidates on the ballot and many vote counting machines with no paper trail, it was easy as pie to slip malicious code into the secret, proprietary code in the machines, to randomly distribute votes to all those candidates, so that Davis’ Lt. Governor, Cruz Bustamante lost, and the Gropinator won.  And that is what they did.  I remember reading on line the strange complaints of tiny campaigns for totally marginal candidates (among the 125) in outlying regions of the state that they got weirdly high vote counts (totally unexpected).

              The other lawsuit that was pending was by Davis and Bustamante against Enron, to get back California’s huge budget surplus, the entirety of which Enron and its Texas pals had stolen from us.

              I can now see how and why Karl Rove involved himself in it, pals as he was with both Enron and Diebold.  I didn’t know the Daryl Issa part.  And it seems obvious to me now how Rove paid him back (after double-crossing him on the governorship) – Diebold made the payment with a rigged election for Issa.

              This was all so devious and so Rovian.  Enron stole the surplus.  Davis – who had been so careful on spending, and had created the surplus – got blamed for budget difficulties, and thrown out in the rigged recall election.

              Then they went after Kevin Shelley.  The most shocking part of this for me was that it was our state Democratic Party leadership who destroyed Shelley.

              Remember what else was happening in 2003-2004 – the presidential election, with Bush-Cheney running for a second term, no WMDs found in Iraq and the horrors of their torture program about to come out.  Rove couldn’t very well have engineered another Supremely Bad Court interference in the election.  But he didn’t need to.  He now had Diebold.

              If Shelley had been able to proceed with his lawsuit against Diebold, in mid-2003, the entire country would have been alerted to the vulnerability of these new electronic voting systems.  (I recall the issue was their not being forthcoming with their ‘TRADE SECRET’ code, according to law; they were supposed to disclose it to the Sec of State.)  But Shelley was not able to proceed.  The California Democratic Party elite in collusion with the Corrupt Media came up with entirely phony corruption charges against Shelley and forced him to resign.  Enter the Gropenator and a new, Diebold-friendly Sec of State…

              …and the rest is history.

              • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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                14. wow, very interesting.

  • MistaP (6993 posts)
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    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • Marym625 (28368 posts)
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    5. you're on the Spotlight!

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • tiamat (674 posts)
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    11. Good showing, maybe next time, 39.5% to Issa 60.5%

    Completed Precincts: 102 of 102
           * DARRELL ISSA (REP) 33,712 60.5%
    DOUG APPLEGATE (DEM) 22,044 39.5%
    * Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

    • N2Doc (5283 posts)
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      12. Too many stupid people in that district

      Shame on them.

      "But nothing ever changes unless there's some pain" - Tears For Fears "Goodnight Song"