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    Men in KKK costumes disrupt Sessions confirmation hearing

    Men in KKK costumes disrupt Sessions confirmation hearing
    Updated 10:57 am, Tuesday, January 10, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters disrupted Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for attorney general on Tuesday, including two men wearing Ku Klux Klancostumes and a woman wearing a pink crown.
    The conservative Alabama senator, who is Donald Trump’s pick for the nation’s top law enforcement official, faces concerns over how committed he would be to civil rights.
    Also removed was at least one protester from the liberal group Code Pink, who held a sign that said, “Support civil rights, stop Sessions.” Wearing a pink crown modeled on the Statue of Liberty, she shouted, “his voting record is evil.”

    The disruptions occurred during the morning session of his hearing. As Capitol Police took the men wearing white hoods and sheets out of the Senate hearing room, they yelled, “you can’t arrest me, I am white!” and “white people own this government!” They held up hand signs saying, “Go Jeffie Boy!” and “KKK….”



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    1. One of Code Pink's earlier targets voiced support for Jeffie Boy

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      2. Yea, Condi is all heart.