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  • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
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    Mexico: The Huge Story the Corporate Media is NOT Telling You

    Mexico has had two revolutions, the first started in 1810 when Father Hidalgo shouted a grito, or cry, for independence from Spain. The second was the Revolution of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata in 1910. Our Mexican brothers and sisters are 7 years overdue, but they just might be making up for lost time. Right friggin’ NOW, and there’s not a peep in the American corporate media about it.

    The ONLY two news sources mentioning it on The Google are The World Socialist Web Site and Russia Today. The former is an excellent in-depth article, and the latter is a great photo gallery of the protests themselves. I strongly recommend you check out these links; they’re worth the time, IMHO.

    It started in President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that he was cutting back on the gasolinazo, or gasoline subsidy the government has provided for its citizens since 1938, when the British and American-dominated petroleum industry was nationalized. Thousands of Mexicans have taken to the streets, with truckers, bus and taxi drivers in the vanguard. They have blockaded Pemex(the Mexican national oil company) refineries and gas stations.Highways have been blockaded. They have seized gasoline tankers on the roads on siphoned off their gas, in one case even getting the Army to back down by threatening to blow up the tanker.

    Hundreds, maybe thousands, of shops have been looting in widespread rioting across nearly every Mexican state and in the capital of Mexico City. 9000 Army troops were called in by the Nieto regime to restore order, and they haven’t succeeded yet. Who knows? Maybe the soldiers’ hearts just aren’t in it.

    The roots of Mexico’s Winter of Discontent go back for years. According to the WSWS yesterday,

    A recent study by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reported that the purchasing power of the average Mexican had shrunk by 11.1 percent since President Pena Nieto took office in 2012. The price index for the basic food basket required to feed a family of four has increased to 218.06 pesos ($10.19) per day, nearly three times the daily minimum wage.


    Although Mexico is one of the world’s leading producers of oil, a worker earning the minimum wage must work twelve days to earn the price of a tank of gas. The increase in fuel prices will, moreover, result in a sharp rise in the prices of other basic staples. The firm Brokerage Finamex announced in December that the proposed gas hike would increase the consumer price index by 0.8 percent in just the first two weeks of 2017. (emphasis added)

    Have you heard about any of this? I certainly hadn’t. The American corporate media is all about alleged Russian meddling in our latest election, even though not even our intelligence agencies said the alleged meddling actually affected the outcome of the same, or that any of the leaked or “fake news” information wasn’t actually true! No, they are fixated on Democrats and Republicans like John McCain(remember “Bomb, bomb, bomb…Bomb, bomb Iran” from 2008?) bellowing that Russia has committed an act of war!

    I don’t always agree with my Trotskyite friends in Detroit, but their conclusion is quite appropriate:

    The protests in Mexico have been blacked out by the corporate media in the US, despite the fact that millions of Mexican citizens currently reside north of the border. As of Thursday afternoon, the online front pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, Fox, and CBS all failed to mention the demonstrations. This is not an oversight. The American ruling class fears that the development of a movement of the working class in Mexico will ignite a parallel struggle by workers of all nationalities in the United States.

    No shit. Mexico may be just about to blow, folks. And who can blame those people? They’ve been screwed worse than Americans for far longer by financial aristocracies both foreign and domestic. 21st Century Hidalgos, Villas, and Zapatas may be just over the temporal horizon. Stay tuned.

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    Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   

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28 replies
  • 1 year ago #2
    • aspirant (1931 posts)
      Profile photo of aspirant Donor

      1. This is interesting.

      Will Trump take the same stance with Mexicans fleeing the Revolution as ole Hillary did with Honduran children?

      ….and what will he do when the people (revolutionaries) overthrow the government and nationalize all the billion dollar American factories?

      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        4. Right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump was totally ignorant of the

        situation, though of course I don’t know. Obama’s bound to know, but what can he do? Does he even care? I don’t know that, either. I have no clue what Trump will do, or not do. America has intervened militarily in Mexico several times, hell, we invaded it and annexed a third of its territory in the Mexican War. The thing is, conquest is easy; occupation’s not. Mexico would be even tougher to control and rule than Iraq, and there are a LOT of Mexicans and their descendants in the United States who wouldn’t take too kindly to a new American military intervention.

        And a lot of non-Hispanic Americans who would be positively inspired by La Revolucion Numero Tres. I think that is why we’ve heard nothing–our ruling class is hoping against hope that this little problem goes away very soon.

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
        • bvar22 (338 posts)
          Profile photo of bvar22

          12. Obama and the Democratic Party Establishment (including John Kerry)…

          oppose ALL of the Socialist and near Socialist governments elected in Latin America over the last 10 years. They have spent Millions/Billions trying to vilify Chavez and his movement, and probably Billions trying to over throw the Venezuelan revolution.


          I firmly believe that Mexico would have voted in a Socialist President and government without US interference in the last election.

          • Samantha (685 posts)
            Profile photo of Samantha

            20. Excuse me — did I read that correctly?

            The United States interfered with the last election in Mexico

            How would have ever guessed that….



    • Lord Thomas (2274 posts)
      Profile photo of Lord Thomas Donor

      2. Thank you OB.

      First I heard of this and it is huge.

      Thinking further into it, this may be a way for the drug cartels to totally take over what parts of the Government they don’t already own. Using the regular people as soldiers.

      The Only Consistent Thing in Life is Change.

      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        5. Or they may use the unrest to try to seize real governmental power for

        themselves. This could get really nasty very quickly.

        “Poor Mexico. So far from God. So close to the United States.”–President Porfirio Diaz(the dictator Villa and Zapata overthrew)

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
      • MistaP (6964 posts)
        Profile photo of MistaP Donor

        23. the PRI's always been the cartel party

        against each other and used the Federales against them, causing the 2006-12 disaster; Peña Nieto seems to be going back to the old model of making them go through the government and “showing the tough hand” to the poor

        60s and 70s PRIista enforcers would murder tomato pickers for refusing to be cheated; entering the Miguel Nazar Haro-protected, Contra-funding Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo/Juan Matta-Ballesteros supercartel was a mere lateral step; then the godfathers got arrested for burying Kiki Camarena alive (Ollie North is why we have Red Ribbon week!)






        http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
    • Haikugal (6811 posts)
      Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

      2. Thanks for the news and the links! It's about time!!!

    • Utopian Leftist (550 posts)
      Profile photo of Utopian Leftist Donor

      6. Wow, I had no idea!

      I suppose I should not be surprised that our media would collude to keep us ignorant about this, considering we now know for certain that they colluded with Hillary against Bernie.

      But I can’t help it, I’m still shocked that I have not heard of this yet!

      I’ve been saying since the 1980’s that our news media is mostly propaganda. Now they brazenly keep us ignorant, patronizingly even. I was a Journalism Minor in College and I am still so sad and shocked to see Journalism become as disgusting and dishonest a practice as that of Law.

      The beatdown Hillary was handed had nothing to do with Bernie Bros, Russia, a VRWC, Comey, the FBI, the media, sexism, racism or any other ism you can think of. It was a referendum on neoliberalism. It is your legacy, Obama. It’s Clinton fatigue born of endless scandals. It’s war and prison for profit. It’s criminality that dresses itself up like saintliness and looks down its nose at its victims. ~ farleftlib
      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        15. "I am still so sad and shocked to see Journalism become as disgusting and

        dishonest a practice as that of Law.” Exactly why I quit law school in the early ’80’s. I was starting to not be able to look myself in the mirror.

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
    • bemildred (5849 posts)
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      7. Four dead in Mexico as fuel price hikes spark violent protests

      Protests and looting fuelled by anger over petrol price hikes in Mexico have led to four deaths, the ransacking of at least 300 stores and the arrests of more than 700 people, officials said.

      The country’s business chambers said the combination of highway, port and terminal blockades and looting this week forced many stores and businesses to close and threatened supplies of basic goods and fuel. The scenes of mass lootings came as parents faced the last shopping day to get presents for their children before yesterday’s Epiphany or Three Kings Day holiday.


      It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
      • sabrina (5942 posts)
        Profile photo of sabrina Moderator Emeritus

        8. Thanks, I didn't know about this either, haven't been watching the news on RT

        over the holidays.  I’m sure Obama knows about it, we are probably ‘advising’ the Government there.

        So sad, ‘four dead’, more death and destruction caused by neolib policies.

        • bemildred (5849 posts)
          Profile photo of bemildred Donor

          10. It's hard to find like it says up there.

          It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        14. The Scotsman! Figures. Thanks for the update. nt

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
    • Purveyor (2622 posts)
      Profile photo of Purveyor Donor

      9. I've been negligent on this. I've seen reports on the

      protests over gas prices but had no idea to this extent.

      Thanks for bringing this to light…

    • bvar22 (338 posts)
      Profile photo of bvar22

      11. Without US interference,

      …Mexico would have voted in a Socialist president in their last election.


      VIVA Democracy!
      I pray we get some here soon!


      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        13. They would have. What was that guy's name?

        I think he was mayor of Mexico City.

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
        • roody (131 posts)
          Profile photo of roody Donor

          22. Lopez Obrador

          • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
            Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

            24. Right. Thanks.

            Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
      • PiedPiper (1188 posts)
        Profile photo of PiedPiper

        19. And our own gas prices are about to go way up too.

        The oil/gas producers have gotten together to slow supply.

        OPEC Cuts Production: What It Means For Oil & Gas Prices



        "..... Two faces; one for love and another for the DMV".   --  Between The Two, by poet Kenji Liu

    • mrdmk (486 posts)
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      21. Mexico is running out of oil, yet is still exporting

      For further reading:


      The petroleum industry in Mexico makes Mexico the eleventh largest producer of oil in the world and the thirteenth largest in terms of net exports. Mexico has the seventeenth largest oil reserves in the world, and it is the fourth largest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere behind the United States, Canada and Venezuela. Mexico is not a member of the OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) or any petroleum production related organizations, but since 1994 it is a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

      The state-owned company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has exclusive rights over all oil production in Mexico. The petroleum sector is crucial to the Mexican economy; while its oil production has fallen in recent years, oil revenues still generate over 10% of Mexico’s export earnings. High taxes on the revenues of Pemex provide about a third of all the tax revenues collected by the Mexican government.



      Mexico was the seventh-largest oil producer in the world as of 2006, producing 3.71 million barrels per day (590×103 m3/d) of petroleum products, of which 3.25 million barrels per day (517×103 m3/d) was crude oil. Mexican oil production has started to decline rapidly. The U.S. Energy Information Administration had estimated that Mexican production of petroleum products would decline to 3.52 million barrels per day (560×103 m3/d) in 2007 and 3.32 million barrels per day (528×103 m3/d) in 2008.

      Mexican crude oil production fell in 2007, and was below 3.0 million barrels per day (480×103 m3/d) by the start of 2008. In mid-2008, Pemex said that it would try to keep crude oil production above 2.8 million barrels per day (450×103 m3/d) for the rest of the year.[3] Mexican authorities expected the decline to continue in future, and were pessimistic that it could be raised back to previous levels even with foreign investment.

      The constitution of Mexico gives the state oil company, Pemex, exclusive rights over oil production, and the Mexican government treats Pemex as a major source of revenue. As a result, Pemex has insufficient capital to develop new and more expensive resources on its own, and cannot take on foreign partners to supply money and technology it lacks. To address some of these problems, in September 2007, Mexico’s Congress approved reforms including a reduction in the taxes levied on Pemex.

      Most of Mexico’s production decline involves one enormous oil field in the Gulf of Mexico. From 1979 to 2007, Mexico produced most of its oil from the supergiant Cantarell Field, which used to be the second-biggest oil field in the world by production. Because of falling production, in 1997 Pemex started a massive nitrogen injection project to maintain oil flow, which now consumes half the nitrogen produced in the world. As a result of nitrogen injection, production at Cantarell rose from 1.1 million barrels per day (170×103 m3/d) in 1996 to a peak of 2.1 million barrels per day (330×103 m3/d) in 2004. However, during 2006 Cantarell’s output fell 25% from 2.0 million barrels per day (320×103 m3/d) in January to 1.5 million barrels per day (240×103 m3/d) in December, with the decline continuing through 2007.


      Mexico’s Pemex says crude oil exports up more than 20 pct in Sept
      Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | 6:35 PM ETReuters

      MEXICO CITY, Oct 24 (Reuters) – Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex said on Monday that crude oil exports rose nearly 22 percent in September compared to the same month last year, the highest level of shipments in more than five years.

      The Mexican oil giant exported an average of 1.425 million barrels per day (bpd) during the month, the highest volume since August 2011, according to Energy Ministry data.




      • CNW (2487 posts)
        Profile photo of CNW Donor

        25. Good info on oil production/export there mrdmk.

    • CNW (2487 posts)
      Profile photo of CNW Donor

      26. Excellent post on our southern neighbors Ohio Barbarian, Thank you.

      • Ohio Barbarian (6487 posts)
        Profile photo of Ohio Barbarian Donor

        28. You're welcome. And it's STILL going on, BTW.

        Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.