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  • PADemD (1850 posts)

    Michael Avenatti Is Winning the 2020 Democratic Primary

    One month ago, Michael Avenatti—the Stormy Daniels lawyer, Donald Trump antagonist, and yes, potential 2020 presidential candidate—spoke at an Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser and declared to a cheering crowd that there was “no greater question facing our party and our nation” than “how” Democrats fight. He chastised Democrats for having “a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gun fight” when they should be fighting “fire with fire.” Avenatti is the lead storm chaser in a little-noticed front in the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign: Who can out-Trump the sitting president by going the furthest to break procedural “norms”?  The Democratic antics during the Kavanaugh hearings came on the heels of Avenatti issuing an ultimatum on Twitter: “In light of the [Merrick] Garland seat that was stolen, together with the events of today and the hiding of docs, etc., the court must be expanded to 11 seats after 2020. The Dem nominee must commit to this or not receive the nomination IMO.” During the hearings, Avenatti proceeded to bird-dog both Booker and Harris. In a two-tweet thread, which followed a dramatic interrogation of Kavanaugh by Harris that has failed to amount to anything, he cautioned: “I sincerely hope (1) those four docs that were released this morning by Mr. Booker really were still confidential, so he can prove the GOP is lying and (2) that Ms. Harris discloses the evidence of the communications she suggested last night exists and then eviscerates Kavanaugh. Because if not …

    ”We can finish his sentence: If not, it shows these pretenders don’t know how to fight the way I do.

    When Avenatti says, “When they go low, I say, we hit harder,” he is explicitly encouraging both sides to do it. Such an attitude may become depressingly common as Avenatti sets the pace of the primary. Democrats need not be angels. A strategically employed sharp elbow has its uses. But a race to the ethical bottom should not be welcomed. A party that has been properly warning throughout the Trump presidency that “this is not normal” should be careful not to become abnormal itself.


    IMO, the Supreme Court should be expanded to 15 seats.

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  • Peace Patriot (4812 posts)

    1. Hear! Hear! Time to expand the Supreme Court!

    As for…

    “…a race to the ethical bottom should not be welcomed.”

    The Corporate Democrats hit ethical bottom in the 2016 Primary.  Now they’ve teamed up with the CIA to go even lower, risking fucking nuclear war to cover their own electoral fuckery.

    So anything they do now can only point up.

    • Peace Patriot (4812 posts)

      2. Knock on wood.