Michael Bloomberg Is the Rich Man’s Donald Trump

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      Trump’s comments were designed to hit a sore spot. Bloomberg is reportedly 5-foot-7 or, at best, 5-foot-8. He is also sensitive about his height. He once falsely claimed on a driver’s license to be 5-foot-10. On Friday, the DNC eliminated the requirement to have a sizable body of donors in order to participate in the presidential primary debates, clearing the way for Bloomberg, who is using his immense fortune to self-finance his run. While making fun of Bloomberg’s height was cruel, childish, and stupid, Trump’s comments also created a memorable metaphor for the uniquely indulgent treatment Bloomberg was receiving because of his wealth. Bloomberg does, in fact, stand on a special box: one made out of money.

      But there’s another way to criticize Trump: Even if he’s not technically a billionaire, he’s still a very wealthy man, and his policies favor his fellow fat cats. That’s the line of argument that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have used against Trump, and it’s also an attack they can use against Bloomberg.

      Trump isn’t the only one critical of the DNC for its favoritism toward Bloomberg. Some of the other candidates, including those who have already dropped out, were furious. At a rally in Iowa on Sunday, Michael Moore, a major surrogate for Bernie Sanders, thundered, “I watched the debate in Iowa here two weeks ago—the all-white debate—and the fact [is] that the Democratic, the DNC will not allow Cory Booker on that stage, will not allow Julian Castro on that stage, but they are going to allow Mike Bloomberg on the stage? Because he has a billion fucking dollars!”

      Elizabeth Warren sounded a similar note, albeit less profanely. “The DNC didn’t change the rules to ensure good, diverse candidates could remain on the debate stage. They shouldn’t change the rules to let a billionaire on,” she tweeted. “Billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to play by different rules—on the debate stage, in our democracy, or in ou

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      Donald Trump is reality TV rich, with Trump hotels and resorts.

      You betcha Trump is rich in $ too.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and his son, the one with the beard I think, is an avatar of compassion caring deeply for Russian orphans.  OK, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned apples.

      Trump’s whole family, and his cabinet and his senior advisers, sit on gold plated toilets when doing their business.  And so they earn respect.

      Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire swindler and media propagandist who’s dumping hundreds of millions of his very own swindled $’s in a bid to be the Dem candidate.  Somehow he argues that he’s more centrist than Biden, and that this is a good thing.

      Could it be that Donald Trump is the Rich Man’s Michael Bloomberg?  Or that they’re just two rich guys, fucking around like rich assholes do?


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