Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Is an Insult to Democracy

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    The audio is really revealing. First it gives us the chance to see inside his head what he thinks about minorities, particularly young black and brown men. He uses this erroneous statistic, which is that 95 percent of murder perpetrators and victims fit this description. It’s Bloomberg’s deeply held belief that this demographic is dangerous. And it appears to be a meticulously thought-out worldview. In his apologies for stop-and-frisk and for these comments, we don’t see nearly the same level of care, thoughtfulness, and meticulousness with which he approached the explanation of why young black and brown men need to be targeted by police.

    But the audio also shows us a second thing, which is a sense of his governing philosophy. Bloomberg believes it’s necessary to use brute force to address social problems. If you juxtapose this audio with his justification for his other signature policy, the soda tax, you notice the same level of paternalism. In order to address the bad eating habits of the impoverished, Bloomberg proposed to tax them for those habits. It demonstrates a particular view of government. We can either use the government to promote general welfare by addressing the underlying systemic issues that cause poverty and violence, or we can use the government to punish populations for their own good. For Bloomberg, it’s the latter.

    Well, of course it turned out that the CNN correspondent who questioned whether the audio could be trusted used to work for Bloomberg News. It’s a classic tactic. In order find a way to defend Michael Bloomberg from his own words, which is her agenda, she’s putting an agenda on me. But attacking the source doesn’t work, because those are his words. The clip has been out there for years. It took me just thirty minutes of research to find it. The fact that I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter is completely immaterial.

    The similar reaction from other members of the mainstream media speaks to their role in this whole game, which is to protect their resources and their access. They’re doing whatever they can to protect Bloomberg because Bloomberg has the money, and he’s spending it. The media could end his campaign right now by asking some of the questions the Left is asking on Twitter, but they’re not, because Bloomberg cash and access goes a long way.

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