Michelle Obama's Memoir "Becoming"–Lots of Stories, Few Lessons. By Glen Ford of the BAR.

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      The following is a review of Michelle Obama’s new book by Glen Ford, editor of the Black Agenda Report. It’s pretty damning. I love it. Then again, I usually like Glen Ford.

      If anybody else had written it, the first hundred pages of Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” would stand as a brief, but warm and fuzzy memoir of growing up on the black south side of Chicago. But Michelle Obama is NOT anybody else. She’s the wife of Barack Obama, the first black president, with all the weight and responsibility that carries.

      You’d think the former first lady would seize the opportunity presented by her best selling memoir to educate her audience not just to the fact that people growing up on the south side frequently come from loving two parent families, that they grow up in cramped apartments, that they have aunties who give piano lessons, uncles who love jazz, that some of them get good grades, attend magnet high schools, end up in ivy league universities and Harvard Law School, but educate them just a little about the political realities governing the place she grew up.

      Michelle Obama doesn’t do that. She tells us her loving and hard working father worked for the city’s water department, and that he was a Democratic precinct captain but she never connects the two. Every Chicagoan knows that water department employees and tens of thousands of other city and county workers, for decades before the seventies and decades afterward are obliged to walk the precincts election day and deliver assigned quotas of votes for what Chicagoans call the Machine. That’s what precinct captains and their helpers are. The captains who fail to deliver their quota lose those city jobs and are replaced with others who can deliver the vote. For forty-five out of fifty-five years Chicago was ruled by one or another mayor named Richard Daley, and deploying an army of patronage workers like Michelle’s father was how they and their stooges stayed in office. Little Michelle Robinson wouldn’t have known that, but by the time one becomes an adult in Chicago these facts are well known.

      (link to full book review)

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      her busband stealing 5.1mn homes, torturing whistle blowers, protecting the banksters expand arctic drilling, pushing TPP all in the name of being the first black president?

      I can’t wait for her to run in 2024 and sure as hell I will vote against her. She is a neoliberal hack just like hubby

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      She sells empty optimism delivered with a smiling face and faux sincerity designed to mask the ruthless ambition and shameless opportunism that sits beneath the surface.

      This excerpt from the article is a perfect example: “As the White House’s resident advocate for healthy eating and exercise, Ms. Obama has leveraged her image as a priceless asset to Wal-Mart, endorsing its drive to penetrate new urban markets , crush competition, and gobble up even more public tax breaks and subsidies.”

      Says it all, really.

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      She’s an inoffensive celebrity who looks hot in her ball gowns and always comes across as a supportive wife and mother and a gracious hostess.

      I’m just a bit depressed that a celebrity wife/mother/hostess is who won the vote for  “most admired woman in the world”.

      Wish I’d thought of marrying Obama.  Seems like a plush gig.

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        where she and Valerie Jarret and David Axelrod were very instrumental is devising and selling to the public a patient-dumping scheme wherein Medicaid folks were shuttled to other hospitals, as they were not profitable.  This was sold as “helping to improve the bottom line at other hospitals”.  This was pretty much ignored when Obama was running for office, can be found by Googling Michelle Obama Chicago hospital, or words like that.  I am sure she looked hot in a ball gown as she was doing this.

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