Michigan Politicians Endorse Bloomberg

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    All these crooks need to be tossed from the party when Bernie wins. Let them form their own party with their rich benefactors

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    And we do have a significant number of these…. well, to call them “whores” would be an insult to sex workers… for now I’ll call them weasels.

    "If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States."
    - Henry A. Wallace
    (FDR's Vice President until he was forced out by the corrupt forces of obscene wealth.)

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    This is like in the novel Dune, wherein the Baron Harkonnen was paying enormous bribes so as to further his plans to gain control of Arrakis, and destroy his enemy and distant cousin, the Duke Leo Atreides, who was becoming so popular that his remaining as the head of the dissident element in the government of the empire would threaten to overturn the whole existing, corrupt, establishment.

    Heads up Bernie, be prepared for epic betrayals, … oh wait, Warren already happened. 😉

    There will be others.

    P.S. Buttigieg, now that I thought about it, does have me thinking of Face Dancers. lol

    The globalists would be the spacing guild; wow, the analogies are endless! 🙂

    Clinton is a bit like the head Reverend Mother from Dune Messiah. Totally bitter, totally not resigned to having had her plans disrupted, and totally committed to undermining the Atreides.

    Tulsi might be Alia, feel her gom jabbar! lol

    “My Bernie Bro comes!”


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