Millions of Americans facing ‘uniquely horrific’ spike in health insurance costs unless Congress acts

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      The nonprofit group Families USA estimates in an issue brief published Monday that “health insurance premiums are slated to shoot up by more than 53% next year for 14 million people who buy their own insurance from health insurance marketplaces.”

      “The total cost increase for struggling families in America will likely exceed a staggering $12 billion a year,” the analysis warns. “Congress must act decisively to prevent huge increases in health insurance costs for families who already face serious challenges coping with rapidly rising living expenses.”

      Despite the potentially devastating implications for millions of households, the looming premium hike has largely flown under the radar on Capitol Hill. Back in March, journalist Jon Walker warned in The American Prospect that Democrats are “sleepwalking into a healthcare disaster that’s entirely of their own making.”

      Last week, as Common Dreams reported, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced the latest version of his Medicare for All legislation, decrying a state of affairs in which “there are millions of people who would like to go to a doctor but cannot afford to do so.”

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