Trump administration appeals ruling that blocked grizzly bear hunts around Yellowstone

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      BILLINGS, Mont. — U.S. government attorneys filed notice Friday that they are appealing a court ruling that blocked the first public hunts of grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies in decades.

      The appeal challenges a judge’s ruling that restored threatened species protections for more than 700 bears in and around Yellowstone National Park.

      Protections for the animals had been removed in 2017. When the ruling from U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen came down in October, Wyoming and Idaho were on the cusp of hosting their first public hunts for grizzly bears in the Lower 48 U.S. states since 1991.

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      I don’t know what it is that gets into some people. They feel the need to shoot anything that walks, crawls, swims or flies.

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      ..but they can’t leave the country and go to Africa this time, or it might look they were trying to avoid possible extradition.

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        That photo made me sick to my stomach and  brought a tear to my eye at the same time. How can anyone sane murder such magnificent creatures? Especially the jaguar. Obviously, they aren’t sane.

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      in the universe.

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