Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao's empire of corruption: Is this what "normal" looks like, Joe Biden?

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      There is a lot of discussion in Democratic circles these days about whether or not American politics will go back to “normal” once Donald Trump is out of the picture. This issue has been raised most recently by former Vice President Joe Biden on the campaign trail. He has said that Republicans will have an “epiphany” once Trump is gone because deep down they know how wrong they’ve been and they will revert back to their sane selves…Biden is pretty much alone in that belief… There is reason to think that what he’s saying is something a lot of people want to hear…They yearn to believe that Trump is an aberration and that our politics will somehow become something recognizably decent once he’s gone…

      The Republican Party went over the cliff quite some time ago and there is no evidence at all that it is prepared to climb back up. For that we can thank a lot of people, from Rupert Murdoch to the Tea Party, but none so much as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Even more than Trump himself, McConnell exemplifies the degradation of the GOP... McConnell is not only a ruthless partisan, he also appears to be taking full advantage of the chaos and corruption of the current era to enrich himself personally. His partner in that endeavor is his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. And what a partnership it is…

      Chao has blatantly leveraged her position in Trump’s Cabinet to benefit her family’s shipping business, the Foremost Group. In 2017, she had planned a visit to Beijing, ostensibly on government business, and has also arranged for members of the family to attend government meetings. This so alarmed the U.S. embassy that staffers there got in touch with the State Department to find out how to handle it. That visit was canceled, but according to this Politico article published last month, Chao has held at least a dozen interviews with Chinese media, with her father by her side, clearly associating his business with her position as transportation secretary…

      Chao herself is not officially part of the Foremost Group’s management team, but her father and other members of her family have given millions to McConnell’s campaigns over the years. In turn, they have benefited greatly from their connection to the American political elite…Ms. Chao is the top Trump official overseeing the American shipping industry, which is in steep decline and overshadowed by its Chinese competitors…Trump and his spawn could only dream of such an effective scam. Not only is it corrupt to the core, it’s downright unpatriotic…

      Never let it be said that McConnell himself isn’t doing his part to ensure the corruption of the Republican Party.…If Mitch is not be technically guilty of obstructing justice, he’s doing it just as much as the president is.  Mitch McConnell is the real leader of the Republican Party, not Donald Trump. It turns out that he is just as unethical, even down to the foreign business entanglements and self-dealing. Joe Biden claims that McConnell and other leading Republicans know they shouldn’t be doing this stuff. He may be right: Most likely they just don’t care.


      And similar to Trump he is an ugly MF whose evil shows on his face.

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      The Corp Ds have not been normal since Bill Clinton. And I think it will take more than just getting tRump out. We have been running on greed, hatred, war mongering etc. since raygun got in.


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