M&M Parent Company Commits $1 Billion to Stopping Child Labor and Other Injustices

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      While there are probably still things to be concerned with in regards to the business practices of the Mars company this does seem to be a big step in the right direction:


      Mars, the massive candy company responsible for producing such chocolate treats as M&Ms, Milky Way, and Snickers is committing over $1 billion towards ensuring that all their cocoa supplies are from sustainable and ethical sources.


      According to Reuters, about 50% of the company’s supplies is currently certified by various conservationist and ethics organizations, but with certification being criticized for its lack of efficiency, Mars plans on working with independent authorities to ensure that all of their products are sourced without causing or contributing to deforestation, child labor, environmental degradation, or worker exploitation.

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      I wonder how much of this one billion goes for tax write-offs?

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