MoA: Ukraine and Russia Agree: Russia is Fighting NATO

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      What I’ve argued all along – Ukraine is a de facto NATO member – US mobilized a militant neo-Nazi minority in Ukraine in order to through Ukraine fight and subdue Russia…This MoA coverage is based upon an interview with Ukraine’s current Defense Minister, Olekskii Reznikov, of which a link is provided.  Illuminating the Ukrainian militant minority argument is a link to today’s Crosstalk discussion entitled Kiev’s fascism.


      Russia and Ukraine have publicly agreed on a fundamental and important issue.

      The question is who Russia is fighting in Ukraine.

      During an interview with a Ukrainian TV station the Oleksii Reznikov, the defense minister of Ukraine, answered that the Ukraine has “already become a de facto member of the NATO alliance.”


      The interview, given four days ago, is available on Youtube. English language subtitles can be generated by autotranslate. The sentence pictured above comes at about 1:25 minutes in.

      Sputnik, which seems to be the only international outlet that has picked up on this, has more (from ~11:05 min):

      Link to article

      Crosstalk Discussion – (Garland Nixon +)



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      And yet, no nukes are flying, contrary to the MSM fearmongering narrative.

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