moderation got us here. how can it possibly get us out

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      deregulation, triangulation, corporate socialism, 3rd way is what established the conditions for trump to lift his slimy head from the swamp. do we really want to go back for a do over? maybe enabling an even more careless and murderous autocrat?

      the deplorables want some kind of end times battle of good versus evil. if that must be so, I at least want to choose a leader who believes in our cause.

      i’m not going to accept biden as my candidate. I hears it again “biden will winn those southern primaries.” well, so what? those electoral votes have been all but cast. why does Louisiana get so many delegates at the dem convention, anyway?

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      Biden will win the Southern Primaries like Hillary did.  Since the registered Democrats there, tend to go with establishment, and their DNC organization are headed by folks like Wasserman-Schultz.

      Problem with the Southern Primaries, they generally go Republican in the General any way.  Since you know, they are trying to run the most Republican-lite they can, so they end up with a Republican any way.

      In some ways, I tend to think, that allowing the Southern Primaries to be their justification for just going with Biden, is a self-defeating proposition.

      It’s dumb as hell.

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      it is what has given the democrats such poor candidates since carter.

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      Cold Mountain Trail

      Sanders has been visiting the south repeatedly this time.  i wouldn’t be so sure.

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      It’s the Democratic version of Reaganomics. If eating an ounce of day poison makes you sick, eating a pound of rat poison will make you feel better. Maybe it’s more like homeopathy, where a little tincture of the illness is a fire for the illness.

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      Bernie filled a pretty big venue in Jefferson parish in 2016. if he came to orleans he might fill the superdome.


      of course, then the repubs would compare him to a hurricane. and no, I will never recognize “naming rights” of some eurotrash auto corporation over a stadium built and maintained by the taxpayers of my city and state.

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      it’s time for a public option to allow people to buy into medicare for all.   lead, follow, or get out of the way.   bernie is the only candidate who would (or can) effectively fight for this legislation and use a bully pulpit to gain in the mid-terms to make it possible.

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      Well, I won’t be voting for a Vichy Dem, that’s for damn sure.  I have no control over DNC cheating or whatever, just my vote and my support and my grassroots efforts.  None of those will go to a Vichy Dem.  I would not even give a ride to the polls to someone who would vote for a Vichy Dem.

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