‘Momentous Day’: Portugal Becomes Europe’s 4th Country to Quit Coal

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      While cheering Portugal’s fossil fuel milestone, climate campaigners warned of the dangers of converting the Pego plant to burn wood pellets, with Zero’s Ferreira warning that the country’s accomplishment is “soured by the prospect of the plant being converted to burn forests. Ditching coal only to switch to the next worst fuel is clearly not an answer,” he stressed.

      In a statement, Zero told Diario de Noticias that “the future of the Pego plant must not involve burning biomass, an inefficient option that calls into question more ambitious goals for mitigating climate change.”

      Kathrin Gutmann, campaign director at Europe Beyond Coal, said in a statement that “Portugal is the perfect example of how once a country commits to quitting coal, the pace of the phaseout inevitably accelerates. The benefits of transitioning to renewables are so great, once started, it only makes sense to get out of coal as fast as possible.”

      “The challenge now is to ensure utilities do not make the mistake of replacing coal with fossil gas or unsustainable biomass,” she added. “Instead, the focus should be on rapidly upscaling our renewable energy capacity in wind and solar.”

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