'More Important Than Ever': Stacey Abrams Applauded for #FairFight2020 Initiative Against Voter Suppression

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      After experiencing firsthand how voter suppression impacts elections in her narrowly unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial race against Republican Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams on Tuesday launched an initiative aimed at bolstering voter protections nationwide ahead of the 2020 elections.

      “There are only two things stopping us in 2020: that people have a reason to vote, and that they have the right to vote,” Abrams said in a speech at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades convention in Las Vegas, where she officially launched her initiative.

      “I can’t undo the election in 2018,” said Abrams, “but I will say something that seems to anger people when I say it: We won. We won that election.”

      Titled Fair Fight 2020, the program was launched with the goal of staffing and funding “voter protection teams” in battleground states across the country to ensure people’s rights are protected from sneaky and unlawful suppression tactics as they head to the ballot box next year.


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      I’m all for boosting voter protections but the cynic in me wonders if this is really intended to boost Abrams.  I’m seeing a lot of messaging in the wild along the lines of “Bernie needs to pick someone moderate to balance the ticket” to bring in votes even though I don’t recall the “moderates” ever thought it was necessary to balance the ticket with a lefty to bring in votes.

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      She just announced that she would be honored to be considered VP. Question is, for who?  Looks like they are about to make a big PR push for this former Neera Tanden employee.


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