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      David the Gnome
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      So, a few weeks ago the social security administration completed my final interview.  This was in order to determine the amount of backpay I would receive – and monthly payment amounts.

      I was told that – as my dad is going to be charging me rent now – my payments would be 750.  Checked online – site shows 514.  Got a letter from them that said 490.

      I called on Friday to figure out what was going on.  ” Do you pay rent?”( I definitely wasnt imagining the lady’s condescending tone, her irritation at my questions.

      “I havent been, mam, but as I explained to your colleague, my dad will be charging me 255 now that I have an income.  I was told my payment would be 750… just confused.”

      “A representative will have to call you back.”  I thanked her and asked if she could tell me anything about when backpay would arrive.

      Worlds most exasperated sigh, followed by “it’s still pending.”  Well, mam, what does that mean? “That’s its STILL PENDING.  Thank you, goodbye.”

      Naturally no one called me back Friday, so preparing for today’s phone scuffle.  I’m thrilled to get any money at all – but on 514 I’m not going to be able to pay much rent, or move, or much of anything else.

      Not meaning to complain – it’s just frustrating that even after approval I still have to fight this.

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      David the Gnome
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      Called and discussed my situation with a lady who was actually very nice.  She transferred me through to someone who would have the paperwork my father sent.  Got voice mail.

      Gave my name, number, brief description of my issue.  Will give them a few hours to call before calling them again.  I am doing my absolute best to be polite and respectful, maybe that will help, maybe not.

      The lady’s voice on the answering service had a certain overtone of “Abandon all faith, ye who enter here”

      Was nice to talk to someone who’s attitude didnt scream “GO FRACK YOURSELF GNOME!”  But I’m afraid the lady who may or may not call me back will be the other sort.

      Guess we’ll see.  Getting a nice person there or at the DMV is like winning the lottery.

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      It depends on who is there.  Apparently, you got a nasty one.  From what I’ve heard, most of the time the SS thing goes quite smoothly.  I know mine did.  They did everything right.   My wife just told me that there are options out there to complain about workers in the SS administration.

      Anyway, I hope things smooth out for you and Miss Nastyass realizes the you’re not her deadly enemy!

      Crawling through reality.

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        David the Gnome
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        She wasnt nasty enough to file a formal complaint against.  Not for me.  Would have had to have been far nastier.

        It was… the tone, you know?  It was like talking to someone at SV, almost.  The condescension and contempt thinly veiled by moderate courtesy – but…

        The attitude, tone, generally screams “FRACK OFF AND DIE.  OH.  AND EAT CHIT.  BYE!”

        I’ve always been very good at reading tones.  When your girlfriend or wife says “Do what you want” in that carefully neutral tone.  It means “YOU HAD BETTER NOT DO IT GASS HOLE”

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      David the Gnome
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      The full 771 payments start in April.  Will get first backpay installment some time in January, they said.  Finally got to talk to someone who could help – won the lottery and got another nice person.

      Wrote a much longer post that didn’t go through, but that’s the gist of it.  After two years, this thing is finally done.  I think the first book I write (probably a few years from now) will detail the whole experience.

      I really worry for those who have to deal with this with no resources.  Ni family that gives a damn, no place to stay… what a nightmare it must be for them.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        isn’t having a bad day. Looks like you did that. Make sure your dad actually signs something that can be presented as a lease, with the right date on it–no later than the date you get your first SSI payment–just in case they send you a letter asking for it in two or three years.

        That is how their audits work when they do them.

        Never let your morals stop you from doing the right thing.--Isaac Asimov

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      Paul H Mentzer
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      I advise my client, when they live with relatives, to make sure the relative charges them rent, even for months they lived with that relative while waiting to be on SSI.  Thus your father should tell SSA that he has been charging you rent for the months and years you have been waiting to be on SSI.  I recommend $200 a month going back two to three years.  SSA is only concerned about what you have BEEN CHARGED not what you have paid.l   Thus get your father to send you a bill for $200 a month for at least the last three years.

      Remember Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is reduced by any other source of income.  This is NOT true of Social Security Disability only SSI.   That income can include “in kind” assistance as in NOT being charged Rent,  This does not mean you have to pay your father, it is important that he tells SSA that he has been and will continue to charge you rent.   Thus tell him to go back years, for if he does not the SSI you are entitled to for the months you were waiting to be ruled to be disabled will be reduced by what he does NOT charge you.   Thus the comments of $450 a month instead of $750 a month.   The difference is the amount of “In kind” care your received in the form on not being charged rent.  Get your father to state he wants his rent money and make him demand it from YOU.  You can then take that letter to SSA to show you were charged for that rent even if you did not pay it.

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