Mouth wash kills covid-19?

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      Captain Arizona
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      Just read on yahoo news gargling mouth wash kills covid-19. Anybody got information on this?

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      Alcohol does kill viruses, but in the case of COVID this would only get rid of any COVID germs that entered your mouth. If they’re anywhere else in the body, that bottle of Cool Mint Listerine ain’t going to help much.

      Presumably if mortals are wearing their masks when appropriate to do so, the odds of it entering through the mouth are fairly slim.

      So I guess I would consider mouthwash to be something that’s possibly effective, but not at all practical in most circumstances. But if your mouthwash doesn’t have a high enough alcohol content, you could always pick up a bottle of Everclear at the liquor store and gargle with that!

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      Or one of those power nose rinse things full of vodka. Might burn a little the first few times.

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      a little weird
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      So I’m not sure how mouthwash would help with that but it seems reasonable it could kill surface covid that makes it into your mouth.  I don’t see any downside in using mouthwash more just in case.

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      Nick Xylas
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      I can’t see it being hugely effective, though. Sounds like another quack remedy. Does Trump have shares in Listerine?

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      of the one mouthwash I recognized in the article, Listerine Mint something…. then I read another couple of articles dismissing the claims.  IOW, couldn’t hurt, might help.

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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      Would it be effective if you have already been infected through the lungs?

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      might not kill covid, but all breath would improve. 🙂

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