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      Yeah, social media is a monster. It’s your basic private gossip chat expanded to reach hundeds or thousands of other people. When you and your besties got together over coffee and shared the latest word about Norm’s daughter Naomi and who she was sleeping with, the information was damaging, but nobody sent the police to shut down the Cozy Corner Cafe to deprive you of your gossip mechanism. Nor did the waitress at the Cozy Corner kick you out when she heard you telling lies about your neighbors. But the government wants to kick you out of not just the Cozy Corner, but the Ding Dong Diner, and the Taco Palace, and every other place in town because you are a Known Liar!!! and your malicious gossip will kill everyone in Happyburg if you are not silenced.

      Biden’s dangerous assault on freedom of speech (

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      David the Gnome
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      We start with politicians.  After we muzzle them all, things should get better.  Then we do their media mouth pieces.  Then, who knows, maybe we wont have to do much more to improve quality of life.

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      Average Gazoo
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      There always seems to be a reason why Free Speech is “too dangerous right now.”

      Censoring people who think the government is lying, too authoritarian and/or inept only seems to prove them correct.

      A major obstacle with the vaccine-resistant is lack of trust. Censorship will only make that worse and more widespread.

      Be the Change

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