My account was gone, I had to re-register.

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      My account was gone, I had to re-register. Is this the case for everyone? If so, what the hell?
      The registration also requires my birthdate (required? why?) yet it won’t accept that I was born in January, the zeroth month.

      Not sure what’s going on here, but if you’re not migrating existing accounts and content this isn’t a new design, it’s a new website. So everything is just gone forever? If that’s the case, I don’t know what the admins are thinking…

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      The admins were thinking that they wanted to transition to the new web site because too many people were having trouble posting at JPR 2, and it couldn’t be fixed.

      There are still some quirks to be worked out here, but it is better than the old site, and these quirks can be, and are being, fixed. JPR 2 will be fully archived and accessible. Stay tuned for more info on that.

      In the mean time, if you have trouble posting, read the how-tos in the help forum.

      Welcome to JPR 3.0.

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        Image posting is slightly easier. Everything else is worse, from the formatting of the front pages to having to launder text to get to post, and most of all the Effin’ Hamster censorship. Even the Captcha was easier to deal with. I just hope that these issues can be fixed, because it is a bear dealing with them.

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      refusing to allow links to an article, laundered , (remove formatting w/eraser, posting as text only)

      going thru notepad and Word and the Fing thing STILL WON”T POST!

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        I had that happen a few days ago. Hamsters have some list of words they won’t allow and nothing you can do about it at the moment. I am really hoping that changes soon.

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      Already hit some quirks, hopefully it all smooths out before primary season.

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