My encounters at two stores this afternoon.

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      I needed to make a quick trip this afternoon for cat food and beer. First stop, Dollar General for the cat food. There were two African-American women out front watching smart phones. One said her daughter was sending video from the demonstration in downtown Cleveland.

      They were watching police cars burn. One said her daughter said the cops just started firing smoke bombs and advancing on the crowd that was just standing there chanting “No justice, no peace!” I quipped that police cars looked prettier when they were burning. Nice aesthetics, you see.

      I look a bit like Santa Claus in a T-shirt and shorts. They both were shocked, but in a good way. That story will be all over their social network by now. The cashier was a young African-American man who told me he was glad to see so many people who looked like me standing up; he said they needed us there. That part felt good.

      Then I went into the little Indian guy’s store to get beer. The TV was showing a police car burn, with protesters, mostly white, standing around and filming it. There was one really suspicious looking character–white guy with black hoodie, all black clothes and gas mask–standing right next to them.

      A white man even older than I came in the store, looked at the TV, looked at me, and said “They need to shoot a few of those people to get things under control.” I replied, “If you want to get this under control, hang those four Minneapolis cops. They’re the murderers.” His jaw dropped. I gave him my best berserker baleful glare and departed.

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      That’s why you are my favorite Barbarian, Ohio!

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      “I look a bit like Santa Claus in a T-shirt and shorts”

      I would already be scared. 😨😉

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