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  • Omaha Steve (1114 posts)
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    My first birdie pix on JPR 2.0

    Just a few. Baby ponders it’s first bath.

    The Robin prepares to take a bath. That multi headed sunflower was not planted. Nature placed it there as a result of feeding the birds. Soon the birds and squirrels will be enjoying the crop.  8-O

    Marta (she signed up today) and I love the birds. This bird bath has Turkeys standing in it from time to time. They do look so silly when they do that.


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  • retrowire (489 posts)
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    1. nice! :) nt

    I fix technological thingamadoodads. Also, Bernie is my spirit animal.
  • Haikugal (5329 posts)
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    2. Good pics Wizard, thanks!

      Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
  • greymouse (264 posts)
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    3. Is that a pink sunflower?

    Thanks for the lovely pix!

  • elleng (214 posts)
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    4. SWEET!

  • Emma (31 posts)
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    5. Beautiful!!!

  • Bubba (108 posts)
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    6. Very Nice, Although I Totally Misunderstood The Thread Title.

    I figured we’d see pictures of you sinking a thirty-foot putt.

  • madfloridian (1874 posts)
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    7. I have always loved your nature pics.

    That’s just lovely.  So glad you shared them.

    If a person is required to be loyal to a political party and not question their stands on issues, then any semblance of real truth is lost. https://twitter.com/madfloridian
  • dlegendary1 (928 posts)
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    8. Those are beautiful!

    Your photography never ceases to amaze! Thanks Wiz!