My Humble Apologies For Killing The Site

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      So Far From Heaven
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      Although I had nothing to do with it. Seriously, it wasn’t my fault this time.

      We lost database connectivity and I had to shut down and power off the server, then power it back up and re-boot.

      And driving those 800 miles to the server were a bitch in that time frame, let me tell ya!!

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      If you click on the latest link, the error saying page not found pops up.

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        I can’t open a forum – it goes to Page Not Found. Same with Groups’ The only way I can see what’s fresh is to go to the Home page and scroll down – there’ll be a dozen or so “Latest’, then scroll down “general discussion’ and I’ll see 10 or 12 OPs.

        I’m in terrible straits. Any help out there??

        Admins? It’s like walls are closing in on my mobility in JPR


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      There’s a quote that always come to mind after decades in software.

      If builders built buildings the way programmers write software, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization.

      For power-cycling, as I have had that 4 AM drive to a co-location facility, I’ve always liked something like this:

      Of course, I hope that’s an exaggeration and it was really just a phone call to on-site support!

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      I was not referring to the JPR team with references to woodpeckers – I was thinking more of the WordPress framework you work with!!

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      😉  Cause you’ll need room for the pitchforks!

      Get the hamsters in step!

      Życie to nie bajka......

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