My partner’s final moments with a dying Covid patient

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      Three days ago, my partner was recruited to hold the hand of and murmur words of sympathy to a woman as she passed away from Covid. She was in her 40s, not in the best of health to begin with, and had — to the very end — denied the existence of the virus. Needless to say, she had not taken a vaccine.

      According to records, she likely caught the virus at an illegal church service a few weeks back; but no one really knows for sure. According to the floor nurses, when she was brought to the ER, she was gasping for air yet continued to maintain the virus was a hoax and that, instead, someone must have infected her with something else in order to make her believe the virus was real. Apparently she was a “difficult” patient. Nonetheless, they gave her the same care everyone is receiving right now — which, alas, isn’t the same high quality they would have received in 2019.

      Her family stated that they had tried to convince her to be vaccinated, as her husband had been. Once she started showing symptoms, they implored her to seek treatment. Instead, she prayed and donated to her church. When she finally collapsed from lack of oxygen, they called an ambulance.

      She was eventually admitted to the ICU, where “comfort measures” were taken because she refused permission for anything else, including oxygen. By the time she was weak enough to stop fighting intubation, doctors determined it was too late to be effective.

      My partner, who is a rehab physician, was recently recruited — like most doctors who were not previously front line — to help in whatever capacity he could. He’s mostly been focused on building a rehab program for long-haulers, but 2 days a week now, he’s in the Covid unit helping as needed.

      So this woman, who until the very end continued to deny the facts of this disease, seemed to finally realize she wasn’t going home, and she asked if there was any way to say goodbye to her family. So my partner was asked to facilitate a Zoom call with the family and sit with her as long as he could.

      The call, he said, was heart-wrenching, though she was less distraught than her family because she would soon be “meeting Jesus.” I suppose this could be considered some sort of consolation for Jesus having exposed her in the first place; but it would be cold comfort for me. It certainly was for my partner. And so he just sat there with her, holding her hand, agreeing — despite his lack of Christian beliefs — that Jesus did indeed love her and would soon “take her home.”

      And now, I just received a text from my partner. Her 18-year-old son has been admitted and intubated. He was found unconscious in bed this morning by his father. The doctors are not optimistic.

      Fridays for my partner used to be reconstructive surgery assessments, which he enjoyed because they were largely optimistic. These were often patients with nerve damage that needed to be assessed for upcoming surgery to improve their conditions. But with Covid, these surgeries are occurring much less frequently. So he no longer looks forward to Fridays. Or Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Even weekends have him on call, “just in case.” And every evening at 7pm, he and others in management have a Zoom call to review the day’s events and try to plan for tomorrow. It’s relentless.

      But this is what it’s come to. The hospital staff is stretched to its limits, with no relief in near sight. And yet people still proclaim that this disease is a hoax or just like the flu or whatever excuse they give themselves in order to selfishly carry on as if people aren’t dropping like flies around them.

      To date, the world has seen over 3.25 million deaths attributable to Covid. Many health experts believe the true number is much higher. Canada has officially recorded roughly 25,000; the US over half a million. Again, those numbers may be artificially low due to certain local governments’ inadequate reporting. But even if these numbers are accurate, they are no less obscene.

      The fact that the stock markets and pharmaceutical industry are gloating over the profits to be made is beyond repugnant and, to me, signals the very essence of evil. Perhaps Mother Nature has finally realized we are irredeemable and is actively attempting to rid herself of our scourge. Or perhaps nature simply seeks equilibrium, without regard to the effect this might have on its various life forms. Humans have thrown the world so out of balance, it’s near impossible for me to see how it will re-balance. But what I do see clearly now is this: We are the virus. We are the largest cause of sickness and destruction worldwide. We are destroyers of worlds — or at least, the one world that matters. And if we somehow manage to relocate to Bezosland or Musktopia, I have no doubt that we will destroy those, too.


      "The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them." -Julius Nyerere, First President of Tanzania

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